Sign Frenzy!

This is the first year that I have graced the property with candidate signs. I hate the suckers personally.

You’ve probably noticed that they are everywhere including places where they shouldn’t be.

I heard the mantra, “Don’t forget Fawnskin” this year. A new focus apparently since usually we don’t rate much mention or attention from those who reside outside of our little borders.

On the other side of town the Big Bear City Post Office has a couple of signs on the fence of neighboring property. This used to be a public posting place until ownership changed and tore everything down with a vengeance. I am sure there is some regulation about posting on government property that is going to be enforced.

Down over near the Stanfield & Northshore Drive there is an abundance of the ugly things. As I mentioned previously, some were removed by CalTrans while others remain. I just saw a brave soul out placing a sign in the small triangle at the juncture of Big Bear Boulevard, Shay Road, and Highway 38—will it ever end?

Here in Fawnskin some zealous followers (or maybe the candidates themselves) have placed signs on property that isn’t occupied or that in violation of the easement.

So, does name recognition work? Perhaps this is a strategy developed by the local company producing the mini-billboards to keep the cash flow coming in from candidates whose advertising budget seems to be solely devoted to obnoxious signs.

How about doing a direct mailing program to all the residents and property owners instead? It certainly is less obnoxious.

I liked the candidate in a previous race who refused to put up signs and went door to door asking for votes.

Finally, I want to know who is going to remove those signs in places there shouldn’t be. It better be the candidates crew because I would hate to see more of our tax dollars going to pay state or county employees to remove those suckers instead of focusing on the work that needs to be done around these parts.

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