Holy Cow & the CHP

 Above: Photo courtesy of © Kenn W. Kiser

The Mandarin Garden Restaurant recently reopened after another Health Department inspection and was deemed as being “cleaned and sanitized.”

You can access the local restaurant ratings here.

I think I quit eating at the Mandarin Garden in the 1990s. My favorite oriental food place was Mongolian BBQ until it closed.

Now we hit Pongs now and again but many of my pals head down to China House in Lucerne Valley or that little place near Trader Joes in Redlands.

Not too long ago we went up to Mandarin Garden for some event and I was dismayed at just how dirty the staircase, walls, and entry was on the way up. I tend to judge a place by the total picture–bathroom upkeep included–so that didn’t attract me back to the place.

Anyway, if you didn’t hear, the Mandarin Garden Restaurant had been closed because of the butchering of a cow carcass at the facility.

Locals told me that the smell was horrid. Glad I didn’t get a whiff…

Barry Wang insisted that no portion of the cow was going to be used at his restaurant.

You have to ask, just why would he would allow such an event to take place there anyway?

Locals & the California Highway Patrol

You may have noticed the new posted speed limits on the highway. Despite the new 35mph & 40mph some locals are tailgating or getting ticketed for speeding.

I know two people who were traveling just a few miles over the limit who were pulled over for speeding. One got a ticket and the other lucked out and didn’t.

Just the other night a guy was on my tail when we passed a CHP waiting to ticket speeders over by Greenway and North Shore Drive.

Do everyone a favor and adhere to the speed limit–it might save you a ticket!

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