Bontanica West Expands

Above: Entrance to the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

Lately I’ve had my fill of traditional medicine because I’ve been searching for answers and having to deal with the medical profession as a result. Things have changed since doctors actually looked at you and knew you…

Since the late 1970s I’ve chosen to include visits to alternative healing and wellness centers in addition to the traditional medical avenues (and usually in preference over them). Here on the mountain there are a few alternative practitioners.

One of my favorite facilities on the mountain is Botanica West. Helene Gentili, the proprietor, is an herbalist and comes from a long line of folk healers. She also works in close conjunction with a few medical offices thorough Southern California and Mexico.

Helene is a member of the Healing Arts group here in Big Bear and in the past has participated in the Women of Wisdom conference. I first met Helene at an alternative cancer treatment presentation held at the Discovery Center a couple of years ago.

Today Helene works with a couple of medical doctors but she also provides services from two locations, one in Arrowbear and a new wellness center in Calimesa. Last week I got to visit the clinic and get a first hand glimpse at the new wellness center.

Above: Crown Village Entry in Calimesa, California

The Holistic Wellness Center was established by Krista McPhail whose vision was to bring a variety of holistic health practitioners together under one roof. The center recently opened in the Crown Village off of Calimesa just off the 10 freeway at Country Line.

The center is filled with a variety of merchants and attracts heavy traffic. Two of the stores within the center (and worth mentioning) include a great used book store called, Michelle’s and the Whoopee Pie Shop–whose famous red velvet cake is filled with real Boston cream.

Above: Michelle’s Used Bookstore in Calimesa

Of course I had to buy one for HM and found a couple of books for him as well. There is also a great restaurant called Thai Chili that serves both Thai food and sushi at very reasonable prices. Owned by Beaumont residents Patt Charapinyo and her aunt, Alice Charapinyo, Thai Chili is named after one of the signature duck dishes.

Above: Reception Desk at the Calimesa Holistic Wellness Center

McPhail’s Holistic Wellness Center is a warm, inviting place. Waterfalls and soothing music add to the ambiance of the large space which hosts a colon hydrotherapist, an esthetician, a massage therapist (who also offers baby massage), an acupuncturist, an iridologist and sclerologist, several yoga instructors, and an herbalist.

Above: One of the rooms in the Holistic Wellness Center

Yoga classes are held in a spacious room each practitioner has a room of their own. There is even a dry heat sauna on site. In addition, select retail products are available in the reception area.

Above: One of the massage rooms in the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

Two weeks ago the center held and open house to get to know the locals and other businesses. They are also offering wellness classes on a variety of topics that are of interest to both young and old.

Above: The esthetician’s room at the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

The center is a welcome addition to the Crown Village Center which is famous for the clock. It was built by the company that built It’s a Small World for Disneyland and animated figures come to life eight times a day, when a figure comes out to announce the king and queen.

Above: The colon hydrotherapy room at the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

The merchants of the center are a friendly bunch and host to many community events, including summer movie nights organized by the Calimesa Cultural and Performing Arts Association.

Just next door is George’s Market, run by the Troelenberg family since 1970, the German Delicatessen also supports a beer garden. You’ll love the authentic German grocery and bakery.

Above: View of the reception area of the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

The new center has been attracting a wide variety of new patients. I found the staff and practitioners to all be warm and friendly. Just the music makes you relax within the calm atmosphere.

Above: A limited view of the yoga room at the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

Don’t think that mountain locals have to travel to Calimesa to enjoy Helene’s services. She is in Calimesa seeing clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then available here on the mountain by appointment.

Above: One of the consultation rooms in the Holistic Wellness Center in Calimesa

You can make an appointment with Helene easily by calling either number listed on the Botanica West website.

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