Boxing Day History & The Dog House (Video)

The above video is from an advertiser but it was pretty amusing–and perhaps you have gotten into the dog house over a gift and can relate? Personally, I think all the focus on commerce misses the whole point–but I digress.

Anyway, since today is Boxing Day you can head into a whole new direction.

Here in the United States many people hold “regifting” parties on Boxing Day. It is an excuse to get together and to be social while teasing each other with gifts that are considered especially horrific and that they cannot wait to get rid of by boxing them up for someone else.

Boxing Day as celebrated in other countries (also known as St Stephen’s Day) is believed to have English origins.

Since many servants worked during Christmas, many received gifts that were boxed up for them the day after Christmas. Some contained money and food.

In addition, alms boxes that were placed in churches on Christmas were also opened on this day so the money could be distributed to the clergy or to the needy.

During the seventeenth century apprentices received gifts of money in earthenware containers which were smashed open which led to the Boxing Day activities where the apprentices would have a ‘smashing time’ and learn just how much money had been given to them.

Earlier origins are thought to stem back to the Romans who used earthenware containers with a slit in the top (similar to piggy banks) to collect funds and help pay for the festivities at the winter Saturnalia celebrations.

So, Happy Boxing Day from GG!

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