Restaurant Review: Hacienda Grill & Bar

Above: Hacienda Grill & Bar in Big Bear Lake

When it comes to restaurants in the Big Bear Valley I go to fewer and fewer because of the poor food, lousy service, and high prices but it always amazes me how many people have not been back to the Hacienda Grill & Bar since they opened because it is one of my favorite Big Bear Restaurants.

When Gus and Nancy opened I was pleasantly surprised because they served more sophisticated upscale Mexican specialty foods.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that the locals recognized as Mexican food.

But because they are astute business people, the duo soon moved their popular menu over from El Jacalito and kept a few of the specialty dishes, such as the Chipotle Ribs, on the menu.

In case you have not tried them, the ribs are out of this world and HM loves them. Personally, I also really enjoy the vegetarian burrito because it doesn’t have dairy and covered with green sauce is a great simple dish.

There are many dishes I like on the menu but recently added are the Suiza Enchiladas, Seven Mares Soup, and the really yummy Chicken Mole Enchiladas.

Now there are three things I look for in a Big Bear restaurant–good food, good service, and fair pricing and the Hacienda Grill has it all.

One of the things I like is that when we walk into the Hacienda Grill we are always greeted with a friendly smile and welcome.

This beats the growls or ignoring behavior at some of the other establishments we no longer frequent. If anyone wonders why I don’t support some of the establishments around these parts–let me say I prefer to spend money at those places who treat me well and serve a good product.

Fabian (above right) is always on his toes to make sure we get great service and so are the rest of the Hacienda staff. In fact, I’ve never seen Smiling Sylvia without a peppy step and a smile on her face–and nothing is ever a problem at the Hacienda Grill.

Plus, the food is always great–and consistently so. There was a time when they got a new chief and when I wasn’t happy, we alerted the staff and they made it right with a smile.

In fact, they always solicit our input–a fact that we like. Not too long ago I ran into Nancy at one of the local stores and she again asked me to personally let her know if I ever had an issue–she invites the input which is why I think they do so well.

Recently they added guitar music to the mix on one evening a week, too. So, if you are seeking a great place to eat Mexican food the Hacienda Grill is my recommendation in Big Bear…I hate to tell you that since it is a often over looked option…so let me encourage you to also try El Jacalito in the Big Bear Village–and maybe I won’t have to fight for my seat!

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