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I think this Angel Food Ministries program is awesome.

Today I heard about Zimbabwe’s food crisis and 94% unemployment rate and it puts things into perspective.

It can always be worse!

Yes, there are some programs that do exist in our area but I find that many of these types of programs do not make people feel very comfortable about the process.

Lately I’ve been down the hill a lot and we have had a variety of success with shopping at a variety of stores.

At one time we were finding really good deals at Fresh & Easy but a new manager and policy changes have made it not as attractive.

Since my shopping pal was feeding four to six unemployed and homeless people it was important to find the good deals.

Shopping habits for many people have changed and we have been going to specialty markets and to dollar and other bargain stores to help stretch out the dollars.

There are many people that need such help and you can find a list for a variety of food give away services here.

Locally some include:
Big Bear Senior Center 42651 Big Bear Blvd. ,Big Bear, CA 92315

Bear Valley Community Church 40946 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Saint Joseph Catholic Church 42242 N. Shore Dr., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Believer’s Chapel42180 Moonridge Road F-H, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

There is also a service over in Big Bear City and Lutheran Social Services has always done a great job serving the community in a variety of ways…including providing food, counseling services, and direction for help with utilities, firewood, etc.

Utilities offer the CARE program but it seems like Bear Valley Electric does all they can to NOT give it to people with lots of hoops and paperwork.

If you want to help out the local Angel’s Pantry click here–and check out their website while you are at it.

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3 Responses to “Angel’s Pantry & Other Musings

  • 1
    January 31st, 2009 08:28

    I participated in the Angel Food Ministries Food program a couple of time. Yes, it is great and the food is very good. However; their distribution point is in Crestline and picking it up was a problem for me. The food is initially picked up in Redlands at a church and then driven up to the mountains. If we could find a church or group up in our valley to participate a great many local families could be helped.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    January 31st, 2009 12:58

    @mtngram I think they also have distribution now in Running Springs or Blue Jay. Just read about it but forgot. Hate that!

  • 3
    January 31st, 2009 15:31

    What they have in Running Springs and Blue Jay is drop off places to leave the orders & money orders. You have to pick it up in Crestline. With this valley being so big and full of churches it seems odd they can’t find a distributor up here.