Lucky Girl

Photos Copyright 2009 by Michael Neufeld

I mentioned this on Monday and knew that Markie’s Volkswagen was probably in bad shape from the drop off the top of the Rim of the World highway…read more here.

Use this as a reminder to use care when driving this winter!

Afternoon update 1/7/09:

Another teen flipped his car on cinders over on Kuffel Canyon today. ..those little suckers seem to be a problem.

I know I have had my wheels skid on them many tips and my neighbor flipped his truck due to cinders last year over on Dead Man’s curve.

I’ve always whined over how they need to clean them up but perhaps this might get the idea entrenched in someones mind.

If you want to see more photos of Markie’s wreck click here.

I stopped by to visit with the family today. Everyone is at home and Markie looks great. A bunch of her pals stopped by to watch movies and visit yesterday and friends were popping over today as well.

Both Karl & Terri are at home with her today and all are doing well.

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One Response to “Lucky Girl

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    david, 7000 feet up
    January 12th, 2009 20:38

    wow, fortunate indeed. as someone who has turned over several bugs I can attest that beetles roll and do take a licking, and the shape protects you. Thank you German engineers! Happy New year all, and hello GG.