Winter Skin Care Tips

Arid conditions and weather changes in high altitude can be tough on the skin.

During the cold winter when the heat is turned up, the dry air from heaters and furnaces combine with the winter wind and other elements to cause the skin to lose its natural moisture.

How can you combat dry skin?

Drink, Drink, Drink
Now, now–I mean water. Drinking lots of water helps you to hydrate from the inside out. The goal is a minimum of 64 ounces of water each day. Buy a sturdy, reusable bottle so you avoid the plastic that can leach hazardous chemicals into your water.

Humidify the Air
Invest in a humidifier for your home or office…and use it!

Moisturizing Cleansers
Take the time to find a good hydrating skin cleanser. Both soaps and the wrong shaving products can dry out skin. Check out these moisturizing shaving systems and moisturizing bath products

Cool it Down
Take cooler showers and baths because extremely hot baths and showers can dry out skin.

Moisturizing skin products with vitamins A, D, and E actually help your skin retain moisture. Reapply it throughout the day and after washing your hands.

Use Sunscreen
Many people don’t realize that the sun’s rays can be damaging even in the wintertime, when snow reflects the sunlight. It’s particularly important to use sunscreen on your face.

Hand Care
Wear rubber gloves when you clean or do dishes. Dry your hands completely after washing them to avoid chapping and use hand lotion after each cleansing. Wear gloves outdoors to protect your skin from the extreme cold and apply hand lotion before you tuck your hands into gloves or mittens.

Hand Care products are vital and the most popular on the mountain include Miracle Hand Repair Cream, Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Kit and Bag Balm Protective Ointment 10 oz.

Foot Care
Keep your feet hydrated by slathering on a thick foot cream at night and cover with socks. Check out these foot care products.

Lip Care
Exfoliate your lips by gently brushing lips with a warm, soft toothbrush to wipe away dead skin. Follow with quality lip balm and if you use lip color make sure it is moisturizing. Reapply lip balm throughout the day and just before bed or check out these lip care moisturizing treatments.

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