NS Tavern, Trout, & Other Scuttlebutt

Spring is here and the trout are once again up Grout Creek for spawning.

One of my favorite things about living here in Fawnskin is watching how people from all over the valley take time to stop and watch the wildlife.

When we ambled down to the creek the boys from the Fire Department were enjoying watching the trout…left my camera at home but it is something most people around these parts do not take for granted and it makes me happy to see people over just to watch the trout.

BTW: It is illegal to fish or harass this species and also illegal to let your dogs do so. If you are a subscriber to the email alerts you have the numbers to report any violations.

How about that snow?
Just when you thought it was spring–we got a nice dusting of snow. Locals know that this is not an oddity but the recent springlike weather had some planning to garden.

Personally, I got out and cleared off the decks and parking area with the blower before the storm. I was enjoying not using my heater but know that March has notoriously been a good snow month.

Did you not believe it would storm?

NS Tavern
I mentioned this some time back but in other non-news, I talked to the crew that has been working on the NS Tavern. They are not aware of just what is going into the place but they are working diligently on revamping the look.

Contrary to popular rumor–the back deck remains intact–hopefully the new manager will adhere to the noise ordinances and not piss off the locals.

In case you missed what happened read more about the North Shore Brewing Company issues here.

If you don’t know the story, the naughty managers would have never landed in jail or been caught if it had not been for the fact that they pissed off the locals with the noise and other nonsense.

Neighbor Buzz
Lots of things have been happening around town. I’ve been such a hermit that I’ve not been keeping track. You probably already know this but Ronnie is no longer in town and is living on the South Shore.

Several of the neighbors are helping Barbara over at the Gold Pan with odds and ends. If you can be of help, drop by.

That is the nice thing about Fawnskin, the neighbors tend to help out when it is needed.

My neighbor Bob has been getting me out for short walks. I am doing better but it is frustrating to not be able to amble the long distances I was doing daily just last year.

Hopefully this will change soon and I hope to be able to get out on the water this year since I missed all last summer due to the still undiagnosed issues that have sapped my energy and more.

My neighbor Dave reports that Barbara is on the mend. She is gaining weight and will hopefully be able to amble around soon. Dave says that they will be taking the dogs on short jaunts around town. Get ready to see those bloodhounds and the bulldog!

Dog Gone It!
Speaking of dogs, there have been some dog incidents locally. Up on Lodge and down on Mohawk.

Contrary to popular belief–there are dog leash laws in effect. If you have a problem with a local animal the best strategy would be to report it to animal control.

I know most of the dogs around town and have not encountered any problems but know my neighbors have.

Also, there has been an immense amount of dog poop on the roads, in driveways, and on neighboring property–this poses a health hazard not only to residents but to wildlife.

When clearing my parking pad there were six piles of it and on the side of the road it has now become a common hazard–clean up after your pets.

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