Faris Rattlesnake

This weekend was full of excitement since all the neighbors were up. Andi and Dennis had a huge gathering at their place and most everyone showed up.

The next day we were putting away the tables and chairs when Judy called us over to identify a snake in her yard.

Looks like a Pacific Rattlesnake to me. This critter was black with a bit of yellow an inactive due to the weather (about 55 this am).

Everyone had to go have a look and RD argued with me again–and lost–too bad he didn’t bet me again…

Anyway, you can clearly see the triangular head and the pits below the eyes–sure signs to identify a rattlesnake. Just because you don’t see the rattles doesn’t mean it isn’t one.

Animal Control was called and the critter was contained in a bucket so that it could be relocated away from the dog and kids.

The rodent population is particularly heavy this year and so I anticipate that there will be more attracted by the tasty morsels.

Wood piles and debris make good hiding places for these critters.

Keep those piles away from the house and feed the birds more toward the perimeter of your yard so those rodents snacking on the seed along with the birds will not attract snakes closer to the house.

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