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Allison sent this over to remind Fawnskin residents about the forest care option available to you:

Stand in the most treed area of your property and with one hand, touch a tree. If you can spread your arms and walk in a circle and touch another tree, you probably need Forest Care.

The fire-suppression policies that arose as people moved into the forest environment have led to an overstocked forest. Forest Care sets standards for thinning the trees on your property to healthy levels. This includes the elimination of low undergrowth that can act as a ladder for flames, spreading them from the ground to the forest canopy

In order to qualify, your property must be smaller than 20 acres and must have the equivalent of 200 trees per acre.

When you call us, we will arrange for a free consultation with a licensed professional forester who will verify that you qualify and help you create your own custom Forest Care Plan.

Together, you and the forester will select trees 12″ or small in diameter to be removed or pruned to create a healthy stand that is more fire resistant, yet maintains the wooded atmosphere you desire. The forester will also provide a Forest Care contract that will enable you to be reimbursed for up to 75% of the expenses of implementing your Forest Care plan.

Call 1-888-883-8446 (THIN) to schedule an appointment with a forester today!

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