Fawnskin Burglaries Alarm Residents

Recently reports of burglaries around Fawnskin have been the object of local scuttlebutt. The spree may have begun back in late July but seems to be on the increase.

Neighbors on Flicker and Deer Trail have been victimized and all Fawnskin residents are asked to keep a sharp eye out for unfamiliar vehicles and to report suspicious activity.

The burglars are allegedly organized and seems like they are involved in preliminary surveillance on targeted homes.

At a recent break-in they cut the motion sensor that turns on the front lights and climbed through a window that cannot be seen from the street. They also took the time to sort and select the items they stole.

Please keep your eyes open around your neighborhood and jot down the makes and models and write down the license number of any unfamiliar vehicles.

A couple of different vehicles have been sighted but is not conclusive (grey toyota matrix and a white truck).

Officer Rios of the Big Bear Sheriff’s department is one of the main contacts on this issue and the investigation is ongoing. Don’t hesitate to call the sheriff’s department if you see any suspcious activity.

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One Response to “Fawnskin Burglaries Alarm Residents

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    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 6th, 2009 07:13

    Sent in via email:

    “The watch commander said that we were not having an inordinate number of break in’s but yes there had been a few reported last week as people had returned over the weekend. Of course for those of us who live here, one is too many.

    I requested that they step up Citizens on Patrol (COP) patrols in Fawnskin and he said they would be happy to do so. He also encouraged us to do as you recommended, to keep an eye out and feel free to call it in direct to the sheriff’s department, 909-866-0100, with ANY suspicious activity and they would respond as soon as possible.

    WITHOUT placing yourself in harm’s way such as direct intervention or approaching the individuals, if a license number and vehicle make, model and color could accompany the call it would be very helpful.

    For anyone wanting to go thru the COP training academy they are currently accepting interviews and the next training course is slated for Oct 26th. Call Tiffany Swatch directly at 909-866-0103 for more details on becoming a COP. They only require 17 hours a month of volunteer time after the training.”