Fawnskin Scheduled for Sweep

Did you hear that the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department and San Bernardino County Code Enforcement will be conducting a Problem Oriented Policing Sweep on Thursday, November 5, 2009  in Fawnskin and along North Shore Drive?

All I have to say is good and that it is about time. Last year there were renters that not only blocked the roads or parked in dangerous intersections AND also parked in a variety of neighborhood driveways.

Since that time the main offenders have moved. However, I still see people parked illegally when they rent or come up for a short stint.

In one previous post I complained about the weekend renters parking on the street when there was ample room in the driveway of the rental.  My complaint was that it forced people to pass over the double yellow line on a hill not too far down from a curve.

The renter actually reads the Fawnskin Flyer and argued that there was not a double yellow line in the street.

Uh, excuse me but I live on the street and know about such things.

Anyway, although I am pleased they will do a sweep–why would they announce it first?

Guess I shouldn’t think about things too much it gives me a headache.

They will be focused on abandoned vehicles, boats and trailers, vehicles with expired registration tags parked on county roadways, and residences with refuse and scrap in the yards.

I hope they get the new construction debris out of Grout Bay this time.

Apparently there have been similar sweeps throughout the valley in the last six months that have resulted in 154 tows, and several cases opened on residences for violations of county codes, and a variety of other citations for violation of county and vehicle codes.

November 5 will be the last planned sweep of this type for the year before the winter season.

I hope they plan to do some sweeps in the winter when many of the parking violations occur when visitors don’t dig into their renters and rental agencies fail to have the rented cabin parking places plowed.

Why not fine them too? Lots of revenue there.

Over here in Fawnskin we have Candi Hallstead to help with our yard debris every year when she rents a few dumpsters. What I did not know was that the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station has also had a trash crew working to assist homeowners in removing debris and unwanted bulky items from their yards.

They actually have been taking them to the Big Bear Transfer Station at no cost to the homeowner. Nearly 100 loads of trash have been taken to the dump with an estimated weight of nearly 60 tons within the past few monts.

Now I ask you, with all the budget problems and shortage of enforcement personnel, just why are they focusing on trash clean up at no charge to the owners?

Sensibly, the Sheriff’s Station is not scheduling trash runs at this time but the program is expected to begin again next Spring.

Many of you know that I retired my truck last year–it is a year that it has been NPO and parked. I start it up every month or so and will probably put it up for sale soon since the state program told me that it did not qualify for the program–either that was true or they were out of funds–which is probably more the story.

Anyway, just a heads up to take action to ensure all vehicles and properties meet current code requirements–or else!

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