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Above: Yard art buck watches over a Fawnskin neighborhood.

So, it is true that the Buc N Doe will again open as an eatery. The liquor license is currently displayed in the window but the interior is still a mess so no telling when the opening might be scheduled.

The former restaurant in the location was operated under the same name and was last operational in the 1990s. John Basford filed the new DBA back in mid-September and the news has all the locals buzzing.

One of the current restaurants in town is closed through November 18th but the Gold Pan is hopping and so is the Moose Lodge.

The lodge is now holding happy hour events on Tuesdays from 4pm until 8pm so drop by to check it out.

Above: North Shore Antiques in winter prior to the new paint job.

For those of you antique hunters, the North Shore Antiques & Collectibles will hold a sale beginning November 19, 2009.

Carol just got in an amazing number of bells from an estate sale and she and the other vendors have a wide variety of unique items perfect for collectors or for gifts.

Today I headed down for the famous Moose Lodge Sunday breakfast.

Bernie wasted no time in giving me hell after she welcomed me back and it was great to see many of the neighbors and members in one stop. I took the weekend off to catch up with pals in person and by phone and have to say that all the visiting is tiring me out!

Although I’ve been having a great time catching up with folks I was sad to hear about the loss of long time residents Don Easton and Bobby Balsam.

Both individuals were two of my favorite Fawnskin Folks.

Don Easton was heavily involved in the Moose Lodge 2085 and the distinction of being given the only assigned parking spot. He served the community as past Governor and Administrator and was a Fellow of Moose International.

Bobby lived down the road on Brookside and never failed to smile and greet everyone he met. I saw him daily on my walks and often stopped to have a chat so I was greatly alarmed as I walked by his home and found it empty.

Not too long ago I asked about what type of legacy you’d like to leave behind and these two guys impacted many people.

I often joined Don’s table at the lodge to just chat. He was a kind, gleeful man whose life of service made a difference to many in this community.

Bobby’s legacy (at least for me) was his friendliness, goodwill and his zest for life.

I remember when he finally sold his old clunker of a truck and bought a new one. He stopped snoop sister Deb and I on the road to share that news on his way up to the top of the mountain to watch a sunset. Not too long ago he told me that life was short and so he was enjoying it to the hilt while he could.

Anyway, I am enjoying being back in town and catching up with all the news and you can be sure I am enjoying the warmth from my fireplace blazing away every morning and evening.

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2 Responses to “Fawnskin Business News

  • 1
    November 16th, 2009 11:06

    hey girl!!
    Good to read yur back up the hill. That must mean you are feeling much better, and thats a good thing indeed.

    I havent been up in a while as my mom fell and shattered her pelvis. Keeping me real busy. Getting old definately sucks:(

    AS soon as I get a break, I’lle be up to say hi in person. I imagine snow will be on the ground by then.

    Until then, get better yourself and I’m sending positive vibes up the mountain to all our Fawnskin friends.


  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    November 23rd, 2009 08:51

    Hi Kat!
    Sorry to hear about your mom. Yes, I hear that aging is not for wimps and am SO over the last two years of issues but happy to be feeling better finally. I’ll be back on the mtn by December.