Goldfish Girl

GG was originally my pen name initials for “gossip girl” but today it stands for “Goldfish Girl.”

This is not because of my daily swimming adventures or a flashy gold swimsuit but for those swollen eyes I get from crying too much.

Yesterday I attended a life celebration for my teacher and friend from the past, Reverend Joe Gustin.

He was both a giving and controversial man:

Rev. Joseph Gustin, a spiritualist minister, counselor, lecturer, and healer, passed away on Monday, November 2, 2009, at Palomar Hospital, Escondido.

Joseph was past president of the San Diego Astrological Society, Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association, and a devoted student of the Self Realisation Fellowship of Encinitas.

A Navy veteran, he is survived by his sisters, Marie Gustin and Barbara Uzan of Ohio, and numerous nieces and nephews.

At least half (or more) of the attendees were ordained ministers who had studied under him. I had not seen Reverend Joe in some time but he still had my picture hanging on his kitchen wall.

When I walked into the home to greet his sister and another old acquaintance they were a bit amazed…seems like they had been wondering about who was in the picture and discussing it for the last hour.

Many things come up for me when I lose someone, in this case I began thinking about his legacy, my legacy…

I just wonder what you think your legacy might be. Leave your comments below.

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