Beautiful Balls & Other Breaking News from Fawnskin

So, Snoop Sister Deb knew the moment she uttered the words…that she would be in the Fawnskin Flyer.

And so it is–did you know she has beautiful balls?

Or at least that is what she told me Sunday morning.

Did you know that they are hanging out for everyone to see?

What are you thinking?

Of course I am referring to the Christmas tree balls she has on the trees in her yard! What else would it be?

Above: Deb’s beautiful balls hanging out in public for everyone to see!

In other breaking news…

A visitor playing slip n’ slide involved two of our locals in a collision.

Traffic collisions aka TCs (as they are known locally) are a major source of activity (and revenue) for our rescue personnel.

A speeding driver plowed into Gaylord and his wife head-on after the driver swerved over the double yellow line into oncoming traffic.

To make matters worse, they were then rear ended by another car.

When the fire truck arrived–they also had an adventurous slide.

Sheesh, you would think one incident would be enough–you could have made it into the flyer another simpler way!

The roads were slick since the misting was followed by a dusting of snow and a good freeze.

All the locals hate that because it turns the roads into a series of skating rinks disguised by the white powder.

If you wonder why local businesses tend to open after 10am–think no further.

Usually it gets above freezing by then and the roads and other surfaces begin to soften up so they are not so slick.

Those vehicles heading down the hill were stopped and made to chain up Sunday at the dam.

Rumors that traffic was going to be rerouted through Fawnskin were false. We didn’t see much traffic at all.

But let me just highlight one of the big problems around here–the poor driving habits of visitors.

They speed in dangerous conditions, pass over the double yellow lines–on curves usually, pass on the right, and other such nonsense.

Anyway, our pals are a bit shaken up but seem okay and were picked up by a lodge member.

They got a lift into Fawnskin where they had breakfast at Moose Lodge 2085 before heading over to get checked out. No word on the injury assessment or damages.

Remember to use caution when driving this week since storm conditions are supposed to last through the entire week.

Don’t forget that December 14, 2009 is the NSIA Monthly Potluck which also happens to be a Christmas party. Bring a dish to share and a gift if you want to participate in the frivolous exchange.

As usual, it is at 6pm at the Old Miller School House in Miller Park located at 1178 Chickasaw Lane in Fawnskin…believe it or not, I’ll be there!

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