Chilly Morning Musings

Above: The view from GG’s deck on a chilly morning.

This morning I got up, made a cup of coffee and gazed out the window.The view is a medley of white, blue, green, and fall shades of varying degrees of bronze, amber and more.

Imagine my surprise when I spied a lone fisherman on the shore of Grout Bay. When I gazed at the thermometer it was slightly over 20 degrees.


I was hoping to post some snaps for you but I did something stupid and only a few made it to the computer and the glitch gremlin seems to have got the rest.

In anticipation of the storm I hauled and stacked wood yesterday. I also hit some of the berm and snow up top around the stairway entrance and parking pad.

There is a technique to taking such actions and the delay, caused by my absence, means that I am dealing with ice and hard remnants instead of powdery, light snow.

It is hard to explain that to newcomers or the people who drive onto the snow making hard ice packs that will probably remain until spring.

Still, with the loss of the three trees I have more sun on the walking areas and parking pads than in the past so I’ll hope for the best.

Yesterday I ambled down the street, picked up the neighbors trash strewn all over the street by a dog (We don’t have the bear problems as they do down the road).

I managed to forget that Amangela’s is now closed on Thursdays but my disappointment was met with the cheery greeting of a neighbor I have never spent any time with.

Her invite for a hot cappuccino was a nice break. Of course, like all Fawnskin adventures, I stayed a while longer than I anticipated but it was fun and nice to get to know her and the dogs. Perhaps we can do it again.

Funny, I don’t find too many people that are available during my midday break so it was a delightful discovery.

Shadow and her dad are back. She was glad to see me as always–I’ve known this third generation Fawnskin canine since the day she was born. Since I am doing so well I am looking forward to resuming our daily hiking adventures soon.

Dogs are the best hiking companions. They don’t get concerned with your pace, they tend to stick with you and happily explore the surroundings without distractions such as cell phones.

I had ambled to Shadow’s house to deliver two pieces of the cranberry apple pie I baked.

Funny, I never thought about why some of my neighbors are happy to see me. In addition to welcoming me, I often take over tasty homemade snacks, meals, or desserts just because I don’t want to keep it at my house.

Anyway, I had to threaten Shadow’s dad with the possibility of no more pie deliveries if he ate Snoop Sister Deb’s piece of pie since she won’t be back for another day or so.

He had been known to consume every last bit of what I’ve delivered and Deb is sometimes none the wiser.

Although I’ve done some actual work, it has been a time of reintegration for me. Three months down the hill means I have to re-acclimate to the high altitude–which seems to be going well.

Also, I am finally well enough to clean.

Imagine not being able to spring clean your home for two years. Yuck. It was overwhelming and disheartening.

Plus, while I was away the spiders and the local dust decided to infiltrate the cabin.

But I am now able to tackle it in stages and it keeps me busy as I adjust to living alone again.

Today, neighbor Cheryl is taking me down to get the results of the latest bloodwork and to see the doc for a re-evaluation–so wish me well!

Enjoy the day and don’t forget to prep for the storm.

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2 Responses to “Chilly Morning Musings

  • 1
    Shadow's Mom
    December 6th, 2009 20:13

    We ate the pie tonight. Mike isn’t crazy about cranberries, so I may get to eat his piece of pie!
    Thank you so much, it is yummy!

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    December 7th, 2009 08:43

    Nice! Glad he didn’t eat it all. LOL I probably am going to bake again with all this snow fall. The house temp is steady at a whopping 63.