Fun Around Fawnskin

Fawnskin post office

Above: Rush at the Fawnskin Post Office!

So can you identify the posterior views featured above at the Post Office? I thought the big rush was good breaking non-news.

Two of the three carpooled together.

I am sure that I am going to hear about this photo and get some grief over it–but I am feeling good enough to be playful and a bit “on the edge.”

Around town things were still hopping. I grabbed Shadow and headed down to check to see if “Herb’s road” had been cleared.

Fawnskin triangle road

Above: Road around the triangle in town (that does not get plowed by either the county or state) was cleared by a private contractor working in town.

If you have been living in Fawnskin for a while you’ll remember the year the town flooded destroying both private property and businesses.

The berms along the county and state roads blocked the drains and channeled the water down Mohawk and the sewers also backed up.

Highway 38 through town was also flooded and was so deep that cars could not pass.

Fire Station 49 was providing sandbags but it was hard to get over there through the rushing water.

Luckily we had some locals with heavy equipment who got out there to help. Ronnie Shanahan was helping homeowners up on Mohawk and helped prevent more damage than was experienced and other neighbors pitched in to help as usual.

Herb & Steve in Fawnskin

Above: Herb & Steve–Steve is working in the area for the next couple of years removing trees and is from Oregon.

I call the road, “Herb’s Road” because the county assessor’s map (Book 0304, Page 12) does not have it named but mostly because Herb was told by the county yard supervisor that that road would never be plowed because it did not belong to the county.


Who paved it then?

From what I can gather from Fawnskin lore, the original road was DG (circa 1922) and paved by the county or state circa 1980.

Herb says it is not in his property deed and it looks like an extension of Rim of the World on the map.

North Shore Drive is labeled North (City Creek) Drive…we all know that the records around the Cline-Miller development are a mess but to say that Herb owns the road is a bit odd.

Plus the county owns Lot B and some other property there.

So, the county is not plowing the road that runs past the cat house and Herb’s house in the triangle.

Here are my concerns:

  • previous flooding issues endangering homes, businesses, and lives,
  • inability to access a 75 year old man in the event of a medical aid without firefighters having to climb and trudge through snow and ice,
  • fire station 49 uses that road in non-inclement conditions for TCs and other calls.

Thanks to Kanayan from Rim of the World for clearing the road. The private contractor plowed the road as a favor to Herb–which is usually the case.

But really, he also had to get his equipment out to do his work here (it was parked on country property)–which is moving rock from the dam and was parked on county property.

In recent times, one of the previous county snow plow operators, lived in Fawnskin and made sure the road was cleared along with the drain area where the water moves down into Mohawk from Brookside.

I think this specific plowing issue is important for flood control and safety issues.

Now, up the block the surface “drain” put in on Mohawk to help channel melting water into the water channel that runs in front of the houses is also consistently blocked by the plows.

Mohawk drainage blocked by berm in Fawnskin

Above: Lousy picture of the drainage blocked with the berm.

If we have another heavy snow year with rain my fear is that we will again see flooding, sewage issues, and damage to the homes and businesses owned in Fawnskin.

The other drainage areas of concern include North Shore Drive in front of the NS Tavern and across the street from it near Chickasaw.

Then there is the entry to Garden Place from the highway. Large ruts of snow are not removed.

Howard’s home and the road heading out the other way are totally ignored. This eighty-something-year-old is pretty spry but it is a health and safety issue for him (or anyone down the road that might need medical aid) and for those using the road.

Fawnskin triangle road not plowed
Above: Look to the left of Andy and you can see that “Herb’s road” has not been plowed.

Finally, I hate that the county berms me in after someone cleared my stairwell entry. I am still working on acclimating and getting my strength back!

berm at Fawnskin GG's house

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2 Responses to “Fun Around Fawnskin

  • 1
    December 14th, 2009 08:03

    Thank you for putting this up, My father, Herb, does everything he can when it snows so that everyone in town can use the road etc, I dont know what to do or necessary steps. I have contacted the County office, the State office and even the Governors office, to no avail. I can not understand this issue. the road was always done in the past, my dad is 75 yrs old and god forbid something happen, I would not be able to get him out or would emergency personnel get in. Any suggestions from your or your readers would be great,

    Thank you

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    December 15th, 2009 17:15

    You’ll have to find the records to prove that the road is not in your property deed. If you have that, I’d contact the county supervisor. NSIA looked into some of the issues in 2005. The problem is that county, state, and private properties are adjacent to each other and some of the records are not accurate. Locally the county yard has never been helpful–I am going to post some of my notes on this issue soon but it is very confusing.