Holidaze in Fawnskin

Above: County workers have been clearing hydrants and drains in Fawnskin

Yesterday I had another appointment in BBC and heard from my neighbors that things are a bit busy in town.

Ya think?

Back here in Fawnskin, I headed out after shoveling more snow. My mission? Mail!

I have a commercial box in the village but here in Fawnskin I only get good things–presents and money.

Even though I’ve wrote about cookie days at the Post Office, I forgot.

So imagine my delight when I not only received a check but also got to select a cookie or two.

Positive reinforcement at its best.

Someone made lovely sugar cookies decorated with those shiny candy beads and drizzled in festive colors, there were fig-shortbread-chocolate cookies, homemade peanut butter cups, and a few chocolate covered cherries with some yummy filling.

Postmaster Mike said there were a lot more prior to my arrival but I didn’t care–it is just fun that locals are baking and leaving some treats.

I had a long discussion with Scott outside. Lots and lots of neighbors said hello on their way into the Post Office.’

Next I headed to Fawnskin Market to see if they had hominy. I saw this great chicken posole recipe–and now am on a mission to make it.

Now I am pretty stocked up but used my hominy to make posole some time back. Mike just about has everything you need in the Fawnskin Market but he only had menudo–no hominy.


Will I brave the crowds and get to the big market for chilis and hominy?

Probably not…

Next, I ambled over to pop into the Moose Lodge to get the scoop on caroling and discovered that they did cancel it due to the intense cold wind and the snowfall.

Glad that I didn’t miss it and even more glad that I did not hike down in the cold.

The hot topic was the benefits of using Direct TV instead of Charter Cable for television and cable.

There has been a bit of complaining about the price of utilities up here. There is no longer any competition and so we get the short stick, to be polite about it.

Not sure how much I will be blogging over the next week or so since I will be heading out to see family next week and company arrives later today.

However, knowing me–I’ll be back.

More storms are on the horizon but everyone has a different opinion.

Some weather sources say that the storm will hit Saturday night, others Sunday, while others say we will have weather all next week.

I am hoping for a break to head North–and will probably take the coast root–no snow that way!

Plus, the weather predictions change almost on a daily basis. So, time will tell.

Have a safe holiday and enjoy the nice weather before the next storm.

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