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My best weather information comes from my intuition and sensitivity to the outside conditions. A few days ago I had checked the weather report and didn’t see any storms predicted.

However, when I went out yesterday morning–it felt like a storm was coming in. When I finally arrived home I did indeed see a storm predicted for today–but it hit last night.

Such is the way of life here in the mountains where conditions can change quickly and where one side of town can be clear while a good amount of snow falls on the other.

People always try and predict the weather but I almost never listen to the wannabe weather forecasters and instead rely on the weather gadget here on the Fawnskin Flyer or on Ben’s Weather.

Christmas Caroling tonight at 6:00pm may be canceled if it is still snowing but a trip to the lodge is always fun. Last night was a busy one since Kevin’s dollar tacos are the best.

The most amusing thing that occurred yesterday was the “pie day” down at the Post Office.

Basically, Fawnkin Folks are a bunch of social animals. We like to get together and have a good time.

We also like to tease each other to no end. It sometimes can get old but mostly it is good natured.

BTW: I had to laugh when my PO Box contained a holiday card from a Fawnskin local that had used my street address!

First, they should know better. We don’t have street delivery around these parts.

Second, not many people actually know my street address which is different from the one marked on the road.

But it got to me anyway. Luckily Mike has things figured out pretty good around these parts.

Getting Mail up here can be difficult due to all the nuances of small town living and no street delivery–but I wrote about that before.

Anyway, what struck me most yesterday was that life at our Post Office is clearly different from other parts.

For instance, we have a community garden to liven the place up when the weather allows it.

And picking up mail is a pretty social experience. Most folks get there around the same time so they can catch up with neighbors.

We generally never have to stand in line–and if we do, well–nobody ever seems to mind, it is a social opportunity all over again.

Plus, your audience is captive and is stuck in a social interlude whether or not they want to stay!

But the truth is, most people don’t spend a lot of time at their Post Office.

So, walking into one that is decorated, with the aroma of hot coffee, and freshly baked pies with a half dozen people shouting greetings of “Good Morning!” or “Merry Christmas” or “”Help yourself to some coffee or pie!” seems to make people nervous.

In fact, several people looked confused.

You know, that “deer in the headlights” look.

Even so, many neighbors picked up their mail and conducted business as usual despite the additional decor and festive locals and snacks.

I was holding out for a piece of Chris Weber’s mincemeat pie…and I got the “what for” because I had not baked a pie this year.

Guess GG’s pies are popular.

Anyway, I had to leave for a doctor’s appointment but I saw Chris and she promised me she would save me a piece.

So, just a reminder that this week the locals are keeping the Post Office filled with cookies for holiday snacking while you do business.

Life is good in Fawnskin!

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