Snow Plow Angel in Fawnskin

Above: Nightfall after a snow storm in Fawnskin

So, I hate to tell you but I have been a weenie girl.

I’ve been in a bit of pain and so yesterday didn’t head out until about 2pm to shovel my way out after about four inches of snow.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard the unmistakable sound of a snow plow up on my parking pad.

Nah, couldn’t be.

As I shoveled up…I actually saw Bob’s cat skid steer loader working to remove some of the ice and snow that had accumulated.

Some idiot actually drove onto my parking pad to turn around–which packs the snow into very hard sheets of ice…

I didn’t get to the top in time to chat but want to say, thanks Bob!

This is a great blessing because my helpful neighbors have been complaining about the lack of parking.

You see, every year I have cleared the whole parking pad for my neighbors who occasionally come up, my neighbors locally who might need it, and any visitors I might have.

I wasn’t up to it last year and this year am not going to tackle the thing–although I did spent some time in the very cold wind yesterday clearing some ice blocks.

No kidding, ice blocks.

Good way to work up a sweat–now that I am sweating.

Now I understand why so many people place a chain across their parking areas.

It keeps idiots from creating ice or parking in their cleared areas.

Now I hate to admit that I am being a weenie girl, however I did not head out to for Christmas Caroling last night.

Sorry but I didn’t even go for the potluck.

Why? Because it was cold and I was not going to hike down.

Instead, I kept the temperature in the house up with a roaring fire and made some enchiladas for the neighbors.

They came out hot and spicy.

The enchiladas that is…not the neighbors.

In case you might have been confused.

Baking during cold weather is always a good way to get the temperature higher in the house.

You see, when the storm cloud cover hovers over the valley, it stays fairly warm. BUT when it clears out and leaves the sky clear, it gets mighty cold.

My thermometer always says it is warmer than everyone reports but this morning I arose to see a whopping 20 degree temperature outside. So I imagine that it was in the teens.

Anyway, stay warm.

As for local non-news for this week?

The lodge will not be serving hamburgers or beef dips on Thursday since it is Christmas Eve but they will serve a holiday dinner on Christmas Day starting after 3:00pm.

Members of Moose Lodge 2085 are welcome. If you have a lonely neighbor bring ’em down too!

Don’t forget that cookie snacks are down at the Post Office all this week to help build up that “winter extra” to keep you warm.

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