After Storm Traumas: Berm Busting

berm in fawnskin

My view over the berm that I am unable to break up.

It is a beautiful day in Fawnskin–after a cold start the sun is out and melting a lot of the snow.

Imagine having muscle fatigue so bad that you can’t climb over and can’t break up the 5 foot x 6 foot thick berm at the top of your stairs…that is me.

I tried but could not do it and I hate being a weenie girl but I just wonder about some of the older or sick folks facing the same dilemma…and then I just cried.

berm in fawnskin

Another berm view!

Neighbors emerged as the sun shined and warmed up the neighborhood– and I saw some traffic.

The good news was that I woke up very early to discover the phone was working and that I could again get online.

GG is seriously addicted to blogging and getting news online.

Without any outside contact I was able to read an entire book in a day. Shoveling non-stop wears you out and that was a big treat, plus it kept me occupied.

There were some sad stories, Randy & Jerry’s remodel had a tree break through the almost completed project–through two roof tops.

Fortunately, they have insurance.

Over at the Inn at Fawnskin, a tree came down but did not take out the structure–only the aviary.

I was able to get out to check on Snoop Sister Deb but the thigh to hip deep snow made it hard to get anywhere. My next toy? Snow shoes!

Now I woke up this am hoping that the snow plow fairy clears the pathway to my stairway–and hoping everyone is able to get out and get whatever they need before the next storm hits sometime late today and stay through the middle of the week but keep checking since the forecasts change quickly.

On the mountain?

The roads in and out are currently only open to residents until Noon. Only Snow Summit is open but they are honoring Bear Mountain passes and tickets.

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