Bad Behaviors 2010

One of the funny things you might not know about Fawnskin is that the sheriff’s department says that we take care of our own–but sometimes you might need a hand.

Unfortunately, sometimes calling in the authorities doesn’t seem to help.

Two problems keep surfacing…

Noise ordinance issues which include loud music for the now operating North Shore Tavern is one.

In the past, friendly efforts with the NS Tavern failed and the sheriff didn’t enforce the issue but fortunately the federal agents did.

The newly operating NS Tavern is not as loud as it has been in the past, but it was still disconcerting to come back to my mountain home and find it noisier than places I stayed in different cities!

Then there are the construction worker issues. At the moment we have some good contractors and some that are blaring their music so loud that it can be heard from five houses down from where they are working–and the radio is inside!

In the past, I’ve been woken up to workers at 5:30am (legal start time is 7:00am) and listened to hammering as late as 10:30pm. TheĀ  local contractor’s association needs to encourage more professional standards because some are just downright inconsiderate.

Just why contractors blare their music in a quiet, small community? Beats me. Today they could just put in one or two ear buds or a head set and keep it to themselves.

It is really bad behavior and not good for business because many of the neighbors are not going to recommend the ones that come into town and blare music or let their dogs run loose while they work.

I shared a table with one contractor who has been working in town for a while. He is SO popular that he has about five more jobs lined up.

Not so for the other guys working up the street.

In other communities the local councils will actually file a complaint or fine anyone who violates the rules.

Now the other issue concerns some of our four legged friends.

Two of my neighbors have reported dog bites to me but have not filed complaints or informed the owners.

Why not?

One of the delinquent dogs is reported to be residing up on Lodge not too far from Crags while the other is actually on Chickasaw (but the property backs up to Brookside).

This mutt can be seen roaming daily. He is knocking over trash cans and leaving deposits on different properties as he roams. I yelled at him just yesterday to get home as he was about to knock over the neighbor’s trash.

Fortunately he minds me.

It probably was his large pile of poop in the middle of my driveway too.

Despite the leash laws, people (both visitors and locals) seem to believe they don’t have to follow them.

Now there are other roaming dogs that are boisterous but innocuous. Dog Man has been fined over and over again. There is now a fence as a result. But if the gate is open…

Don’t think this is an issue specific to Fawnskin. It is a valley wide problem.

One of the complications is that, depending on where the dog is roaming, jurisdiction varies.

Another is that the area is seriously understaffed when it comes to enforcement agencies.

We finally got a second animal control officer but the two cover the entire mountain!

Once a person has been bitten, or their pet has been attacked, it makes them more cautious or phobic.

My one neighbor actually panicked when we were walking together and left me to walk up another street because of a roaming dog, which turns out to be the one that bit recently.

But biting is not the only issue, another one around these parts are barking dogs.

It is one thing if your dog barks when people cross the perimeter of your property but quite another issue when he or she barks incessantly.

One duo begins barking early in the morning and sometimes can still be heard late a night.

Another few get triggered by other barkers and you can hear the cry travel across town as the dogs do a vocal relay.

When I asked a complaining neighbor if she reported the issue near her, she said that animal control would not do anything unless she filed a complaint.

That is not completely true. They will give a warning if you call but then it is up to the person who is disturbed to document when the issue occurs (and for how long) in a journal.

You can use video clips with time and date stamps to substantiate your complaint.

If you can get other neighbors to put their names down to further substantiate the claim you might have better luck.

Considering we have limited enforcement personnel around these parts, what do you think the solution might be to these issues?

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2 Responses to “Bad Behaviors 2010

  • 1
    January 13th, 2010 21:21

    Unfortunately, the loose dog problem is all over the valley. The problem is the owners who don’t give a ***t about the safety or property rights of other people. Just keep calling Animal Control and hope that helps. There are a few dogs in Sugarloaf that habitually run loose. It is hard to walk your dog on a leash when you don’t know what animal lurks around the corner. I have a huge rescued lab that wants to protect me when he sees a big loose dog coming at us. What a struggle it is to keep him from chasing after the loose mutts.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    January 14th, 2010 10:09

    Yes, it is pretty amazing at how bad some areas are. I know a lot of people quit hiking their dogs on some trails on the east end of the valley because of dog attacks.