News from Fawnskin: State of Emergency Declared

Cheryl Adheres to the Chain Restrictions in Fawnskin

Cheryl Adheres to the Chain Restrictions in Fawnskin

I busted through the berm today and got out for a short walk. There is a big ice step left but at least I got out and, with any luck, one of the guys that stopped to chat with me today will keep his promise of showing up with a bobcat to at least clear the path to my stairs.

Anyway, I hiked down to wish Post Master Mike a Happy Birthday (he is 48 today) and to get the scoop.

If you have not heard, from the Gov’s office:

Yesterday we declared a state of emergency in five counties, in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Francisco and Siskiyou. And today, this morning, we are also going to declare a state of emergency in San Bernardino County. This will cut through the red tape and it will free up additional state resources, which is so important to assist with the response and recovery efforts.

Only life essentials were allowed in the convoy that came into town this afternoon–so no mail yet and there is not telling when we will get it.

The last mail delivery in Fawnskin was Wednesday the 20th of January but BBC and BBL are rumored to be getting mail in the next 24 hours.

However, you should note that it is going to take postal employees a long while to get it into boxes so I’d suggest waiting before you storm the Post Offices up here and please refrain from calling as it is keeping them from attending to their jobs.

In the meantime, Fawnskin’s PO Master Mike is making sure bills are date stamped–just in case. You might call the companies if you are concerned and use the state of emergency status for sympathy.

Fawnskin Market is keeping busy and does have supplies if you need them. Fawnskin Reality, Moose Lodge 2085, and the Post Office are all open.

Kevin IS serving up tacos tonight at Moose Lodge 2085 so if you want to get out and have some company and good food–head on down sometime after 5:00pm.

Not sure if NS Trading Company is open–didn’t see Jim but I know he is out plowing. Amangela’s is closed and so was the Gold Pan and I did not see NS Antiques open either.

Power is still out on parts of Canyon and at least one family has left due to the lack of heat and concern over the kids.

The only vehicles out on the roads are the emergency services, utilities, and related contractors. There is a shortage of fuel so car pool or refrain from heading out unless you really need to.

Road conditions are still not optimal.

There is ice and snow build ups and ruts in some areas while patches are clear in others. However side streets are still a mess and some remain unplowed.

The Moonridge Zoo got help clearing snow to get to the animals and I put a call into Randy at Predators in Action to see if he needs help. If you have any news from his facility is up on Onyx Summit let me know.

Finally, if you have any other news, just leave it in the comments.

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