Raining in Fawnskin

So everyone was chatting about the weather yesterday and it amused me to no end how they all were predicting the weather.

Go figure.

Snow moved in after my amble through Fawnskin and big breakfast at Moose Lodge 2085 but once the cold wind disappeared it turned to rain.

It is raining now.

In some areas of the valley it is snowing, which is why we always joke about “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute” or “if you don’t like the weather just drive across the valley.”

Things have been quiet around town. NS Tavern did not have a band and the Moose Lodge 2085 was serving up an amazing meal on Saturday night.

Snoop Sister Deb and Mike MADE me go and I am glad they did. I had a roaring fire going and was on the phone with a pal when Deb knocked on my door.

Love when that happens!

Big breaking news was that Cindy and Damon had a party. Cindy had a birthday on the 17th and people arrived from all over the valley to celebrate.

When I teased her about it, she asked why I didn’t stop in.

Well, the reason was that I was on my first long walk in two years. I was a bit tired but next time I’ll drop by for sure!

Other breaking news?


So much for life in a small town.

I did get to chat with Melissa and Scott, met Rebecca and her dogs–she lives in San Diego and comes up to her cabin once a month with her family.

In addition, Joe and his wife Mary Lou moved in on Brookside near Cedar Dell. Their dog had puppies and we visited while we shook our heads over the ten or so carloads of people staying in a small house up the road.

Now the number I have to call is (909) 866-CODE but enforcement on a holiday weekend?

Anyway, if you get cabin fever, the Lodge will serve dollar tacos tonight and host another Happy Hour adventure tomorrow.

NS Tavern has soup specials on Wednesday and Thursday.

Me, I am nestled in but have to venture out today. Figure that I’ll try to get things done today before the snow flies.

If you have any dirt news be sure to leave a comment!

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    Judy Hillion
    January 20th, 2010 19:32

    Happy Birthday on Monday, January 25th to Postmaster Mike…………………………