Storm Week in Review (Slideshow)

Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken over the last week. I thought you might want to see some of the scenes from Fawnskin!

Last night was hopping at Moose Lodge 2085 since over 40 people showed up to have dinner and visit with neighbors.

The main roads are in pretty good shape but some of the side streets are still a mess.

In some areas, snow is being trucked out and there is a lot of equipment out.

Thanks also to my snow berm angel (Bob Vargas) for helping me out and to the recent county guy who did not berm me in again when he saw that my parking area and stairwell was cleared–it is much appreciated.

Like many, I am still sore from shoveling. Everyone has stories and the good news is I doubt anyone will be ill prepared again.

The other novel behavior I’ve noticed is that everyone is pretty chatty! Nothing like being housebound for a week to put a smile on people’s faces and to make everyone take time to visit.

I didn’t get why strangers were pulling up to stop and chat while I was up clearing snow near the stairwell–but that is my theory–nice to see!

Also, I forgot to ask the NSIA but I think they had a list for those who might need help in such circumstances. I only just found that my neighbor (who is older and compromised as to what he can do) was without heat and stranded in his home.

The Social Security administration helped get a list to rescue personnel but if you know of someone in need and have a way to call the fire department in such circumstances, please do so.

I know I tried to check on several neighbors and was successful with a couple but I could not get to this neighbor due to the snow depth in the street, his steep snow filled driveway, and more stairs than mine.

Just keep it in mind for next time.

Locals are spreading a rumor about another big storm. What I’ve read is it won’t dump significant amounts but it is best to get ready for any changes in the forecast while you can.

Stay warm, enjoy the sun, and have a good visit with your neighbors!

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