Winter Storm in Fawnskin

Snow Filled Brookside Lane

Snow Filled Brookside Lane

So, in between storms I found that I had to amble down to the Post Office.

That actually surprised me since most businesses these days allow payments online or via credit card or debit.

However, this was not the case for the business that had called in the am to alert me that a payment was due. My bills had not arrived so I am glad they called but surprised when I was told that I needed to drop a check in the mail.

Old school for sure.

My amble to downtown Fawnskin was over a slick surface of road. I tromped on the side of the road where fresh snow still existed since the sleet left a sheet of ice underneath the recent snow making it a slippery slope.

Not too many people were out at all, just my animal pals.

Callah (the yellow fluff ball of a dog on Mohawk x Chickasaw) was the only one who greeted me.

Although I ran into a neighbor at the Post Office, but other than that, people have been hunkered down for the duration of the storm.

Amangela’s was open and I dropped in to discoverthat the east end of the valley had been without power for almost two days.

Although I had already heard about a 30 hour outage from some of my Facebook buddies.

Angela explained she was in Baldwin Lake and that they had left their home to stay elsewhere because they were without power and did not have an alternate source of heat. Her fish were not doing so good.

Not having an alternate heat source surprised me because I’ve heard that from many mountain residents.

I tend to be a bit old fashioned in that I like to have that alternate source of heat, vintage equipment and other devices—even though my work involves some high tech savvy and equipment.

So, I have wood, oil lamps, candles, and a variety of gadgets that are manual so that when the modern conveniences are not available during an outage, it is not a big problem.

One vintage phone sits in the closet waiting for use. You see when the power goes out a lot of folks can’t use their phones because they are all power operated. This one is circa the 1970s and has both pulse or tone options…and is ugly as it gets.

But it works when there is no power.

When the power is out it is super quiet and calm. I just wonder how many neighbors I’d have to invite over to eat all the refrigerated goods–but as lucky as we all are, I can just stick it all out in the snow!

I have to say I was a bit shocked that my neighbor tossed the emergency oil lamps that I stuck in storage. Fortunately, I grabbed another to go with my collection of light sources on the table and on the counter.

People were making fun of my penguin lamps that I scored for a dollar each but they sure do throw a good light!

Bob Vargas the snow plow guy has been taking great care of me and I have to give him a big thanks! You can reach him at (951) 741-2934.

Bob loves being out in this weather–if I had a good thermos I’d leave it up top with a flag for the next time he heads this way but it would probably be buried at this rate of snow fall.

Anyway, it is a relief to have help and to also be able to shovel this year. My health issues were an issue over the past two winters.

Not the case this year!

I am certainly glad that I work from home and don’t have to go out. My pantry is pretty full so, other than eggs, or something else I might want, the road closures and rarely plowed street (as the focus is on the main roads right now) are not inconveniences.

Now the big news from yesterday’s storm was that Snoop Sister Deb was afraid she was going to have to put out an APB on Shadow.

Deb was so focused on snow removal that she did not notice Shadow’s boyfriend Joey had lured her away to his house!

We are gonna have to talk to that gal about lanky, good lookin’ males. Nothing but trouble!

For those of you who don’t know who Shadow is, she is the big red dog I often walk and feature here on the Fawnskin Flyer.

Anyway, Deb suited up and ambled down the street, her hunch turned out to be correct and Shadow happily returned home.

Here at my homestead, I finished a project since I was a bit concerned about the chances of a power outage and that turned out to be a good thing.

I’ve been writing but also shoveling a lot.

Ice Berm Greets Me at the Street

Ice Berm Greets Me at the Street

I feed the birds, shovel, come in an warm up, and now am baking to help heat up the house and so I don’t have to cook too much in the next few days.

A big veggie quiche is in the works. A couple of neighbors said they might drop by when the storm breaks, so if they do they are gonna have a good snack to warm them up.

Since the roads into the Big Bear Valley have been closed, it has been quiet. The only vehicles that I have seen belong to big adventurers and to snow plow services.

The stream of storms is supposed to break on the weekend but whether or not that is true will remain to be seen.

My kitchen windows are currently obscured by snow and soon the snow level will be so high that I won’t be able to see anything.

Finding places to put the snow might get to be a challenge so I’ve only kept a narrow path open to the road since I don’t know where all the excess snow will fit!

My hope is that you all are doing well, keeping warm, and staying safe.

Call or check on a neighbor to make sure they are good and I’ll see you when the sun breaks through!

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