Above: Photos of the Big Bear Dam Construction (January) by Bob Carlisle

Thanks to correspondent Rick for forwarding these most recent photos of the Big Bear Dam construction.

Yesterday I fell off the planet after my late morning stroll but thought I’d at least give you some of the news I picked up from one of the county guys.

We were lucky not to have flooded during the torrential rain.

Although we had help with road clearing, the independent contractors managed to fill up many of the drains and drainage channels with snow and ice.

Believe it or not, the county has ONE backhoe and it went from one flood zone near Angeles Oaks to another (Blue Jay/Crestline areas).

Anyway the backhoe is what they apparently need to clear some of our drainage areas.

Yesterday I eyeballed water running down Hopi down Navajo, Brookside down Mohawk, and down Brookside where it is pooling up in front of the Buddhist Meditation Temple.

Anyway, some of the water is making it through the ice down into the channels but be warned that it might be a problem. If you live near one of the drainage areas the local plow operator said they are aware of the issues but you might call or see what you can do to protect your property.

The road in front of the triangle is pooling and is compromising the road–pot holes and cracks are getting larger.

Snowshow the Bear was an adventure due to the wet weather but here are the results:

10k Women
1st place – Theresa Uhrig

2nd place – Kelly Brunson

3rd place – Karin Parks

5k Women
1st – Lauren Sullivan

2nd place – Susan Maya

3rd place – Lisa Waner

10k Men
1st – Adam Williams

2nd – Iggy Rodriquez

3rd – Casey Williams

5k Men
1st place – Steve Blaine

2nd place – Dale Beeson

3rd place – Andrew Mayer

10k Juniors

1st place – Casey Williams

2nd place – Ramon Escobar

3rd place – Jordan Romero

Kids Race
1st place – Karissa Wolcott

2nd place Cameron Kennedy

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