Moose Lodge 2085 Mardi Gras

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One thing you should know about Fawnskin, we are a bunch of party people and Moose Lodge 2085 will be hosting the annual Mardi Gras dinner and Monte Carlo night this Saturday.

As usual, no time was listed but 5pm is a good time to show up. Cheryl & Robert’s famous shrimp dinner is on the menu so it should be yummy.

You have to be a member and the event is $20 per person. However, I am sure someone would be happy to sign you up right then and there if you would like to attend.

Another storm is on the horizon and scheduled to move in tonight. Nobody knows for sure what will happen but guesstimates are that we will get about six inches of snow or more–if it cools down!

Alright, I managed to take another trip with another friend to Copper Q.

I am happy to report that the latte was good and I did tell Jessie about the previous experiences.

However, I do have to admit that Amangela’s is better.

Anyway, the place was bustling and we managed to partake of the quiche of the day.

OMG it was fabulous–we ate the sundried tomato.

In other news, it took me a while to get over here to blog since I’ve been doing comments on the orca attack.

Sad story all around but also interesting to hear everyone’s opinion on it.

After the last post, neighbor Chris showed up with lots of goodies for the squirrel. Thanks to her, the critter is not going to have any worries.

Word got around and absolutely every hungry bird and furry friend showed up and wiped out over five pounds of feed, one whole package of suet, and a dried corn cob treat.

I have to get out and fill up the feeders for the storm–and maybe shovel out some ice but I’ll be back on Monday.

In the meantime, stay warm and dry–and remember tomorrow night is also the Friends of Fawnskin Fundraiser mentioned earlier in the week.

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