Weekend Weather, Bobcat & Other Musings

bobcat photo courtesy of ucumari

Cat’in Around
Talk of the town is the bobcat that has been sighted frequently from Piney Ridge down to Sioux and over on Flicker and Canyon.

Wildlife in the area is not unusual, but due to the depth of the snow, sightings are more frequent as animals are using plowed and cleared pathways to travel.

Plus, the normal camouflage that works so well in the normal forest setting is of no use against the white snow.

In fact, their plush pelts seem to highlight their presence.

Most wildlife will avoid humans unless provoked or fed.

So don’t harass the animal and be sure to keep your pets close and on leash. Use caution if you let smaller animals out during dawn, dusk, and evening hours.

Weekend Weather
Once again everyone is speculating about the winter weather. It is good for the mountain, although I did think we didn’t need it all at once, it has been a long time since we’ve had a real winter.

Last I heard we can expect some weather later tomorrow into the weekend. You can always click on the weather tab above to see what is cooking but the National Weather Service said to expect up to two feet max and I’ll go with that.

Do everyone a favor, quit listening to those commentators on the alleged “news” shows and stick to the meteorologists. You’ll still find variations but they are a lot less sensational.

Snowshoe the Bear
This weekend is Snowshoe the Bear which begins and ends in Big Bear Village. The event is open to all ages and skill levels.

Registration starts Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 7am in the Big Bear Lake Village.

The 10K race starts at 10am. and the 5K race at 10:15am while the kid’s race starts at noon.

Pre-event registration fees are $45 for the 10K event, $25 for the 5K race, but the kid’s race is free. You can register in advance online now or by calling (909) 244-9315.

Events will be followed by the awards ceremony (and raffle) around 1pm.

News around town?
Snoop Sister Deb had a late night whopping it up at Moose Lodge 2085. Word is that she was there until 8pm–must be a record!

Congratulations to Tony & Michelle. The two won a cruise compliments of Moose International as an award for sponsoring new members. Way to go!

Robert from Moose Lodge 2085 announced that there will be food and frivolity on Super Bowl Sunday starting around 3pm. Don’t miss out.

BTW there are a few Moose Lodge Superbowl Shirts left–get them before they are gone!

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