What’s New in Fawnskin?

Above: Deja Vu–More Snow in Fawnskin

So, not much is new in Fawnskin. Once again it is time to go out and shovel more snow since we got at least six inches since yesterday and some people report more.

I have not been out yet so I can’t say for sure. My deck tends to be light but as I go up the hillside the depth tends to increase.

More shoveling out, oh joy!

The NSIA met on Monday for the monthly potluck.

Sister Annette should have some news on her status. She’s been getting chemotherapy and everyone is hoping she is now clear.

Also, NSIA is investigating some generator options, hopefully the speaker will attend next month.

From what I was told, these generators apparently run on natural gas and click on automatically if the power goes out. NSIA is hoping that there can be some kind of group buying discount for those who want to purchase one for their home.

Neighbor Kat emailed early this week with a new option for those of you who need help clearing your roof. She recommends Ric of Finnish Man Construction (formerly known as Mountain Man Construction).

She said he is more economical than one of the other handyman services working in the area and you can reach him at (909) 744-4778 if you need help clearing your roof here in Fawnskin. (See my comment as to how much snow might be too much and I’ll be back on Friday with an article on the topic.)

This weekend is Valentine’s Day and you can still get your reservations in for a special dinner at the North Shore Tavern or Moose Lodge 2085 for Saturday night.

That is it for now, unless you have some breaking news for me…if so, leave it in the comments!

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2 Responses to “What’s New in Fawnskin?

  • 1
    February 10th, 2010 09:43

    How much snow is safe on a roof? Are there any general guidelines?

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    February 10th, 2010 10:09

    Hi Dan, good question. I will probably dedicate a post to this topic on Friday.

    Homes here will vary as to when they were built and the size of the beams/supports–and another variable is the water content of snow.

    Light, dry snow (like the powder we had last night) might be about 3% water but it can be as much as 33% water for wet, heavy snow like we had during the last storm–and ice, well it is about 100%.

    From what I researched, an inch of water weighs 5.2 lbs. per square foot and if a roof is designed to carry a 20 pound snow load (per horizontal square foot or PSF) then it can support up to about 12 inches of wet, heavy snow.

    However, a cubic foot of ice weighs is estimated to weigh about 92% of the weight of a cubic foot of liquid water. In that case, the roof might only support a few inches of ice.

    The rule of thumb is to check how the roof looks–is it sagging, are you hearing creaking, or do you see cracks in the support beams?

    My house has a metal roof with a nice pitch that allows the snow and ice to melt and fall off but my neighbors house had a couple of feet and I called him because I was concerned about it and subsequent snow falls.

    Personally, I’d say if you are concerned, you should have it removed. I know Eric told Kat he wasn’t worried about her roof and you might call him and ask him what he fee is to take a look and give you an estimate or tell you if it is needed or not.