Busy Black Bear & Other News

Above: View across Grout Bay

So, I hope you listened to me but a lot of people did not and the local black bear had an active night Wednesday around those homes who put out their trash early.

He is not only hitting the streets but going into properties and onto decks.

This was the case at Snoop Sister Deb’s house when she spied her can with sunflower seeds knocked over and the seed bag out in the middle of Mohawk.

Luckily he did not pull down her bird feeders.

The bear ambled all the way down Chickasaw and I also spied trash strewn on Illini and Comanchi too.

Once again I urge you to lock up your trash bins until the morning of pick up for those of you who have trash service–otherwise the habituation is likely to put this bear into big trouble with the authorities.

Also, bears are most active at night and dawn or dusk. So use caution when going in and out during those times.

Has Spring Sprung?
I am happy to report that I have begun to walk again. It has been a long road to get here but I am slowly working up to my goal of daily walks.

Shadow and I took a long hike before she had to head down the hill for adventures and it was so nice to have weather that was fairly warm after a few days of a cold snap.

The highs at my house? Around 34 degrees until yesterday.

I enjoyed going out without my cap and jacket and only a light sweatshirt over my shirt–and no gloves!

There are a few buds on some of the plants and faint signs of grass on the hill.

BTW: Paul said preliminary guesstimates are that the kill sites out in the forest that he and the dogs discovered contained deer fur and probably that of a bear scavenger.

Fire House Forms
I forgot to mention that you can pick up forms to fill out at Fire Station 49 for neighbors (or yourself) if help might be needed in the event of a big storm or other emergency.

Those with limited mobility, breathing issues, or other medical conditions are encouraged to submit forms.

I am happy to say that a couple of neighbors took action for their neighbors so that in the future those people will be checked on during times when the power may go out during storms and other events.

I know that I could not get in to check on a couple of my elderly neighbors due to the intense snow load and this will give everyone peace of mind.

More Activities for Fawnskin
I don’t have a lot of news for you today but next week is going to be a busy one here in Fawnskin.

The North Shore Tavern is serving up “Irish Stew & Green Brew” all week and on March 17, 2010 you can get the best corned beef and cabbage at Moose Lodge 2085 for a mere $8 and all proceeds go to the MS Walk (scheduled for April 17th).

Finally, if you see Alexis, wish her well because she is leaving for England this weekend!

We vote for a narrated slide show tour when she gets back. LOL

Finally, have a great weekend and enjoy the weather change.

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