Fawnskin’s Black Bear Buzz

black bear

Most Fawnskin residents were taken by surprise by the snowfall that occurred Monday night.

The winds howled and we got a few inches of white snow. Plus, the unseasonably cold temperatures (high of 33 at my house) really kept people hunkered down.

Surprisingly, the snow was light even though it was wet.

Spring snow tends to melt quickly and despite the cold temperatures a lot melted quickly.

I know I am not alone when I saw I am looking forward to the weather change as we move into another season.

However the snow has not been the big buzz around town.

It seems we have a very brave black bear that has moved into town.

Usually bear sightings occur in town in the fall before the snow flies but he is brazenly coming onto porches and yards in the quest for food.

Up toward Ridge he actually took off with a couple of trash cans and hauled them down the trail toward the forest.

On Chickasaw and Mohawk he entered the porch areas of two different homes to get at trash.

If you have feeders, he is likely to try and glean some tasty morsels from them.

To avoid any trouble consider temporarily removing any dog food, trash, or other food and water sources that could be accessed.

Because of the temperate weather in southern California not all black bears hibernate and this is not the first time black bears have invaded Fawnskin (you can see local pictures and get more tips there).

Habituated bears are a danger to themselves not just residents.

If this bear gets too comfortable raiding town he could be in danger of being labeled a nuisance animal and face subsequent consequences.

The Department of Fish & Game says that bears are attracted to anything smelly or edible, especially garbage.

To help keep your home bear proof be sure to:

  • Deodorize garbage cans with bleach or ammonia.
  • Double-bag garbage to help eliminate odors.
  • Separate wet garbage and keep it in an air and odor tight container.
  • Use a garbage disposal whenever possible.
  • Freeze meat bones or other smelly items until pick-up day.
  • Be sure to keep barbecue grills clean.
  • Pick up fallen tree fruit, and put away pet food and bird feeders at night.
  • Close windows at night on accessible ground floors and decks.
  • Don’t leave food in or near a window sill or on a counter near an open window.
  • Securely block access to potential hibernation sites, such as crawl spaces under decks or buildings.
  • Install bear-proof garbage and compost containers.
  • Get a bear-proof garbage bin for your neighborhood.

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One Response to “Fawnskin’s Black Bear Buzz

  • 1
    Carol Weaver
    March 10th, 2010 18:40

    Thanks. John and I walk to Ridge/Pinon Court at least 5 days a week. Yesterday, around 4:30, we saw the largest coyote we have ever seen in our front yard. Last night a bear raided Richard Ortiz’s (North Shore Cafe) trash bin late in the evening. Thanks for all your info!