Friday in Fawnskin

trout in Grout Creek

Above: Two of the trout in Grout Creek (I was sneaky but when I moved too fast they bolted under the falls).

So, today I’ll be joining a friend for lunch at the North Shore Tavern. I’ve been hearing good things and so it is time to sample it and find out for myself.

I was SO happy to discover that the recent work clearing the trees is not in preparation for building but for expanding the parking lot and opening up the land so that the restaurant is easily glimpsed from the highway.

That is if the extra lot does not sell before they begin the rest of work.

Chris Teele (who does construction and tree removal and trimming) took a short break to answer my questions as Shadow and I ambled by.

During our walk, we also discovered that the wagon cover was gone and has probably been sent in for repair.

It was pretty cool due to the wind but it sure has been nice ambling around town. I am really anxious to begin hiking again–it has been a while since I’ve been able and I really need to get back in shape.

trail head in FawnskinAbove: The trail head behind the Fawnskin Post Office

I did venture over to check out the trail behind the Post Office and found it full of snow as was reported to me earlier in the week by another neighbor.

Other parts are muddy.

This was apparent when I ran into Paul and his dog, Gunner earlier this week.

Gunner ran at full speed so he couldĀ  slime me with dog drool and mud in a festive greeting.


But he is the cutest dog (after Shadow that is) in Fawnskin with a sweet temperament and a goofy-still-not-mature dog personality…and the stuff can be washed.

BTW: Paul got a very stylish hair cut…ya got us wondering dude!

Above: Shadow and her mom down at Grout Creek.

Earlier this week, Snoop Sister Deb and I walked Shadow and were musing over how we have not seen the Buddhist Monks.

Wouldn’t you know, as I ambled home on Wednesday evening a whole group of monks were at the Wat Dhammasujitto Buddhist Meditation Temple.

I was just in time to snap photos (one was visiting from England) and Suvee told me they had only recently returned from a trip to Thailand.

Abbott Ajahn Sombat Wancsaame was supposed to return to Fawnskin on Thursday but I have not seen him. I am looking forward to seeing him since it has been at least ten months since we have visited.

I always enjoy knowing that all the neighbors receive prayers on a daily basis when the monks are in residence.

Since my birthday is next month, Suvee said I should come celebrate at the temple–I told her I would if she made Thai food!

Now lots of folks are heading out to the desert to look at all the wild flowers in bloom. Andy, Rita and friends were down earlier in the week during a perpetual day (something like 6:30am to 9:00pm).

I’d love to go get a gander once my schedule opens up next week.

How did you like the sweeper action in town this week?

The street sweeper came down my street and deposited all the cinders used for traction in the winter on the parking pad and 15 feet in–covering all my stairs in muck.

My neighbors also have a mess in their parking areas…speaking of which, Bob has been the victim of naughty visitors who have been taking over his parking area so that he cannot park.

When you drive by, check out his solution.

LMAO nature’s barriers…I’ll take a snap for your amusement.

If you did not hear, Doris Lane passed away yesterday morning.

Okay, that is it for now. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you out and about in town.

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