Fun, Fun, Fun!

So, last week morphed into a flurry of fun adventures around the valley.

I have to admit that I have been kind of down in the dumps since I had some not-so-hot news on Monday combined with a few other bummer news items.

Lucky for me I got out a few days in a row.

Funny, when you live in a small town, it is the little things that end up being really exciting.

Running into pals at the Post Office, grocery shopping, and having internet access across the lake were just some of the highlights. LOL

Once again, I visited the Copper Q again and am finding it to be a magnet to a lot of people.

The place looks great and is also open seven days a week from 7am until 7pm.


This time I envied the nice looking hot chocolates my pals indulged in as we watched the cooking expert put together a chocolate torte.

It seems that they do demonstrations on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You’d have to call to get the right time but times tend to be 10:30am or 1:00pm.

The theater on Pine Knot is the only one operating at the moment and I was thrilled to be able to enjoy both Alice in Wonderland and Crazy Heart.

Now a lot of people complain about the small theaters up here but I have to say that being able to still take in a movie for $4.50 to $9.00 is a perk. Locals tend to use the local coupons or head over on family day for the weekly discount day.

Today the down the hill the matinees tend to be from about $8.50 to around $11.00 for regularly priced viewings–plus they subject you to all that obnoxious advertising.

At least here we have advertising slides that allow discussion and that actually work for the merchants.

But the big joy was going back to the Himalayan, which has to be my favorite restaurant in Big Bear since I have not been there since before my return to the mountain.

We watched the snow fall quickly (and heavily) as we enjoyed dinner but lucked out since it didn’t stick to the street and only the cars and higher elevated places remained white.

I haven’t done another long hike yet but last week’s was a joy.

However, on my amble into town on Sunday I noticed that there was some drama that had taken place on the property–because raccoon fur was everywhere.

Tail fur to be more specific.

It was too muddy to tell what went on but no blood or body parts were found so I just have to make something spectacular up in my head.

Since the building was allowed on the hillside a few years ago I seldom see the raccoons and other wildlife that used to visit my place nightly.

The animal path was altered and the terrain on the hill still has not recovered either from the heavy equipment damage probably because a lot of the top soil being carted away.

Plus, because the seepage pipes were removed, the spring that runs through the hillside keeps it pretty saturated which makes it hard to navigate when it is not frozen during the winter. Fortunately it gets better once summer is upon us.

As for the birds and squirrel, they managed to power through 50 pounds of food over the last week and a half. Now the feeders are empty and the deck is a mess.

I’ve swept, but the bird poop is everywhere. Another reason I do not feed the birds unless it snows but I was on a roll.

As for those expensive window stickers I bought to help my avian buddies not hit the glass?

The day I put them up I had a bird hit the window pretty hard right by the decals.

So much for that idea. I moved them around a bit but he hit pretty close which makes me think they are not so great.

BTW no bears came to raid my feeders but down on Chickasaw, Adrian said one came onto his porch to have a snack. Just a reminder to wait to put out your trash cans.

And speaking of trash cans, I think someone stole my neighbor’s cans.

I usually put them out and take them back in but all that is there are the lids! So, I took a look around but no sign of them. Go figure.

The cold weather has prompted me to keep a roaring fire burning and I keep putting off some of the chores I should do. The snow is melting fast and I am thinking spring is around the corner–but at the moment the toasty fire is a comfort.

I also found out the Moose Lodge 2085 had music and frivolity on Saturday night but I was over in the “big city” on the South Shore of the lake.

However, I did amble over to see Alexis (and her new hairstyle) on Sunday but she was gone already.

In case you have not heard, she is getting ready for a trip to England!

Okay, that is it for now except make sure you don’t forget about the NSIA potluck tonight at 6pm at the old Miller School House.

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