Wednesday in Fawnskin

Above: Grout Creek

So, I have to admit that I spent the day off the hill yesterday–and what a great thing to head into warmer weather but when we arrived at our destination (Glen Ivy), it was crowded.

Turns out that we landed in the two-for-one crowd PLUS spring break.

Alas, here in the valley the spring back up at the resorts seems to be a bit light due to the road closure and locals are pondering whether or not CalTrans will get it together to help the mountain lake resorts benefit from Memorial Day instead of continuing to cut off the main artery into the area.

In other musings…

Grout Creek is attracting a lot of visitors. Seems that some local residents have been forwarding the photos from the Fawnskin Flyer to their friends and other residents who don’t know about it.

Like I said, it isn’t like we are at the end of the earth but a lot of people act like it!

The run off down Brookside (and some of the other areas) has subsided a bit but the main channels are still pumping the water down the mountain and there is still a lot of snow with more forecasted this week.

Here on my hillside, some of the flowers have been coming up through the dirt and it is always nice to see spring tentatively arrive.

Most locals know better than to actually plant and try to cultivate a garden outside before the infamous late snow fall popularly labeled as the “Mother’s Day Snow” since many of the last storms seem to hit around that time–although I remember some later than that.

Here in Fawnskin big buzz has also been circulating through town since the new wagon cover seems to have disappeared leaving only the wagon skeleton in front of Fawn Park.

Speculation? Perhaps it didn’t fit or was removed to avoid damage in the soon to arrive storm.

Perhaps some evil dweller stole it–of course we don’t know but around these parts story telling is part of our nature.

Lots of people enjoyed the Fawnskin parking barrier snapshot.

Feel free to duplicate this new trend that will probably sweep through the valley since it is both practical and cost effective.

It might be just like the duct tape over the tops of the shoes fashion trend of working in the garden up here.

But my big amusement this week was seeing a domestic cat on my deck.

He was obviously looking for the birds and squirrel who have not been hanging out since the feeders have been emptied.

However, I am always amazed when I see any outdoor cats in this area because normally they end up as predator snacks or hit by those fast moving cars on the highway.

We do have a few through town and I see them slinking around now and again.

As far as the real estate rental boom–two unadvertised houses are also up for rent.

These rentals are all over the map as far as pricing and many landlords have been lowering rents due to the glut of places on the market and the competition–not to mention the economy.

A year or two ago, rentals just sat empty until property owners got a bit more savvy and lowered the rents.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see who moves into town.

One former resident realized her mistake of moving out of Fawnskin and is seeking to move back–hopefully this boom will help her make that dream a reality.

That is all I know for now–being out of town for a day leaves me at a disadvantage because so much happens and I miss it!

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