Weekend Weather Means Business in Fawnskin!

Above: Sunset in Fawnskin

So this weekend’s storm dumped really heavy, wet snow. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of visitors to the mountain.

When the highway closed temporarily, visitors had to commute through Fawnskin and local businesses benefited as the place was hopping.

I shoveled my way out in the middle of the storm and took a walk (don’t start) and ambled down into town for a break and to check out the activity.

By the time I got back the snow had really started coming down heavily.

It was a good thing neighbor Chris had brought over supplies for the critters because every animal seemed to show up on the deck to gorge themselves!

The old squirrel is looking better. His tail is fluffed up and now he is being picky.

It seems he prefers sunflower seeds to peanuts but the local jays are liking them just fine.

Funny how they all band together to make a such a big mess but it is nice to hear them chirping and kicking up a ruckus.

Hard to say just how much snow fell.

Somewhere between 8-10 inches in my guesstimation–so the weather channel was about right on their predictions.

Check four different weather sources and you’ll get four different forecasts.

In the end, it is what it is.

Now I know that March is usually our heaviest snow fall month (or so it seems) but I have to say that I will be really ready to celebrate spring when it arrives.

In the meantime, I am happy to be strong enough to shovel through to the street.

Now if only those plows would quit dumping those enormous ice boulders in front of my stair entryway!

Neighbors were out today enjoying the sunshine.

Grout Creek is running strong and it won’t be long until we begin seeing the trout making their way up it.

Rita and Andy headed out for some snowshoeing and the word is that North Shore Trading Company will be adding a new snowshoe line to their inventory.

Alas, I had some work to do as I will be off the hill again for more doctor stuff tomorrow.

Reports from the Moose Lodge were that things were really happening and everyone was having such a good time that a bunch of the party animals migrated to Cindy and Damon’s house afterward.

Sad News from Arrowbear
I am very sad to report that Ron Gentili of Arrowbear lost his fight against pancreatic cancer on Friday and moved on to other realms.

The Gentili family is a gregarious and generous bunch of individuals and my heart and prayers go out to them.

If you have never met Ron, his smile lit up a room and his eyes always twinkled with merriment and projected love that embraced you completely.

He was a warm, talented individual who will be missed greatly by all that knew him.

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