Are you stupid or somethin’?

Above: Snow plow is “clearing” the road during the last storm. Please note the absence of accumulation of snow (or ice) on the road.

When asked, “Are you stupid or somethin’?” The character Forrest Gump replies, “Stupid is as stupid does.

And that is the question locals have been discussing a lot lately.

First, during many snow storms it seems that once caught up with the plowing, and with out a lot else to do, the snow plows ran their blades down the middle of the highway incessantly.

Sometimes you could not only hear the blades on the asphalt but also smell the burn from the friction of the blade as it was scraped across it.

No wonder California is in such a bad economic mess.

CalTrans did however recently do more temporary patches on the highway but not enough to get all of the nasty potholes.

And yes, we have cinder sins over here in there parts too.

Just in case you thought I wasn’t going to be far–I’ve bit**ed about them before and probably will again.

In some spots there are INCHES of the suckers.

(See the comments in the last post if you want to know why they bug me so much.)

And don’t let me get started on the Census stuff…I’ll save my private story for when you see me in person.

I do have to say that I have to question the senseless need to have people driving all over the place (from Highland to Big Bear with the road closure on top of it) at something like .50 per mile PLUS salary for the drive time (round trip) so they can help gather info up in these parts when there are a lot of locals who could probably use the work.

You know all those people on unemployment? How about giving them census work in exchange for pay?

Never mind, never mind–there I go again…if only I were queen!

So here in Fawnskin the big excitement, other than that day long spring storm, is that Bear Valley Electric was out in force.

Above: Bear Valley Electric in Fawnskin

Now don’t ask me what they were doing here–I didn’t ask.

Why? Because cub reporter pay sucks and it is so bad (Oh wait! There isn’t any pay!) that I wasn’t motivated to go ask but just continue on my merry way–but I did take a snap because I’ve learned that if I don’t take my camera I miss exciting stuff like all the trucks and new men in town.

Speaking of new men, I’ve been single again for about a year and I must be giving off to many pheromones these days because I am actually noticing men hitting on me.

Those who know me get that I am a bit dense on such matters because I simply don’t really notice (nor do I care most of the time).

However, I recently had to be pretty insistent in making clear to one out of town gentleman that I really did not want him to come visit me.

Over and over and over again–for several days.

He was also fishing for an invite and you know how subtle I can be?


Sometimes a guy that won’t take no for an answer might be better off hit by a truck.


Now don’t get me wrong, he was a nice guy but a gal has gotta be interested.

And don’t get me started on those trying to set me up with guys.

Repeat this after me, “Just because someone is male does NOT mean he is appropriate.”

But thanks for your support–I am sure it is well intentioned but check out my mountain dating posts for some guidelines.

Above: Angela shows off her AeroGardens

Now, back to town news–Post Master Mike is on vacation this week so don’t be giving Thomas a hard time! (Word is that he is vacationing somewhere warm and sunny.)

Over at Amangela’s our dear Miss Angela has been busy–check out the color of the south facing door the next time you drop by and the new AeroGardens which she will be tending.

BTW the AeroGardens were invented by a member of family that owned Paoli’s restaurant.

You’ll find lots of innovators up here on the mountain if you pay attention.

The trout down in Grout Creek have been pretty scarce compared to other years but it is always nice to hear the sound of the rushing water as the snow melt drains to the lake.

Now, as usual, I am probably forgetting something but I fear that things have settled down a bit–even Marty’s sheep have been behaving.

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2 Responses to “Are you stupid or somethin’?

  • 1
    David Yegge
    April 10th, 2010 11:37

    Hi, this is David Yegge with big Bear Lake Fire Department. I am in need of getting a hold of this years president of the North Shore Property owners Association.

    We would like to share with the organization what community wildfire defense programs we have planned for the valley.

    If you could provide me with a contact number I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    I can be reached at 866-4668

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    April 12th, 2010 08:08

    Hi Dave, I no longer hold membership or attend the North Shore Improvement Association meetings. You can hook up with them at Old Miller School house on April 12, 2010 at 6:00pm.

    As far as the board, the last officers for president were Dave Hough and Todd Murphy. 878-3300 or 866-5784 respectively.