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Above: Fawnskin University honorary degree recipients shout, “FU!” and then pose for the snap. L to R: Katherine Blanc, Joan Cline (aka William Sarabande), Diana L Guerrero (aka Ark Lady), & Rita Robinson (Robinson-Campell)


Yesterday Fawnskin authors were awarded with honorary degrees from the famed Fawnskin University (aka FU) at an annual gathering.


Okay, okay–what really happened was the annual luncheon of some of our local authors.

I believe this tradition began in 2006 and then soon included Kat Blanc who, although she lives in Big Bear Lake, was grandfathered into the group as an honorary Fawnskin author.

Last year the group missed their annual luncheon and so plan on at least one more later this year.

Plus they need to get those blueberries for the Literary Blues Pie in honor of Patry Francis–whose inspiration got the whole thing going.

FU chancellor, Andy Campbell awarded the caps to the prestigious group without a lot of fanfare–and of course GG had to document the breaking news event.

Trippin’ on Trout

Things around town have been kinda quiet BUT as soon as I wrote how we were seriously lacking trout–the suckers showed up in force to prove me wrong.

Stay tuned for the video because there were more than a dozen frolicking over near Grout Creek falls.

Shadow and I spent some time by the creek watching them.

Now, this brings me to another disturbing news item about dogs–two dogs that I did not know came up Mohawk and met up with us at the juncture of Navajo.

The male was showing too much bravado and aggression.

Shadow believes absolutely every dog is her pal and despite his overt glare and body posture, she remained oblivious.

Normally all the dogs mind me–but he glared back at me and did not move when told.

I managed to eventually dissuade him but he promptly went to mark and demonstrate that he was not going to be intimidated.

Now I’ve gotten lax about taking my Direct Stop Animal Deterrent Spray or Pepper Spray with me and so had to revert to a rock (thrown near but not at them) along with the famous, “git home.”

Which did not prove effective until my voice raised with a firm, “I SAID, GIT HOME!”

Anyway, this dog has a black muzzle, tan coat, and curly tail. His dog pal has a reddish coat.

Later, after I chased them back down Rim of the World, I saw someone grab them by the collars.

Now I’ve been hearing a lot of locals voicing concerns about aggressive dogs and if I see the aggressive dog again I will call animal control.

So if you know the owner pass on the warning.

Here in Fawnskin we love our local dogs, but overt aggression is not okay and I would hate to hear of any more bites occurring in town.

For those who told me that you were bit by the dog residing on Brookside/Chickasaw, I did talk to the owner.

But, let me stress that if you have a problem make sure you alert the owner or call to report it to prevent major incidents.

There is a leash law that is enforceable and dogs that pose a problem need to be confined.

Which brings me to the other issue related to roaming dogs.

They are defecating in other people’s property and in the park.

Dog owners have the responsibility for picking up the dog poop.

Plus, dog poop does pose problems to wildlife if a dog is carrying parasites or other infectious diseases.

Bear It

So while we are on the topic of wildlife…

The bears seem to be back in their habitat but a few locals are carrying Bear Spray with them as they are hiking in the woods.

Not a bad idea, black bears usually avoid people but tend to be serious threats if they do approach so be bear aware.

Clean Up

Around town people are clearing and cleaning in preparation for better weather and the Moose Lodge 2085 has the volunteer Fawnskin clean-up day scheduled for May 1st.

On that subject, you might have noticed Tony’s remaining snow plow signs on the ground and posted everywhere.

If you see him, please remind Tony to pick them up before code enforcement gets a complaint.

Strange Gathering on North Shore

Now, this is a notoriously slow time of year around these parts but I happened to glance across the highway and noticed that there was an unusual meeting in progress.

It seems that the local Indian Chief (PC=Native American head honcho) was holding a meeting.

I’ve no idea as to the purpose of the meeting but I think I heard, “Don’t be a bunch of sheep!

That just isn’t tolerated in Fawnskin you know.

Above: Bow to your leader or was it bow your heads in shame?

Okay, hope you have a great weekend and be sure to pass on all your latest breaking news in the comments!

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