Something Fishy in Fawnskin

grout creek trout
Above: Trout in Grout Creek

Okay, okay–I still have to edit the videos of the trout but I am going to get around to it!

In the meantime, you’ll just have to enjoy the photo I took of them.

Most of the fish are hanging way, way down the creek and away from the falls.

Not sure why but there they were!

Anyway, I was not happy to have to shovel six inches of snow on Monday but at least the next few inches that fell simply melted away.

That is the good thing about spring snowfall–it disappears as fast as it accumulates–or close to it.

This week Hope was up from North County San Diego.

I actually met with her during my recovery there last year.

She is an avid fan of the Fawnskin Flyer and also a homeowner in Fawnskin.

hope in fawnskin

Above: There is Hope for Fawnskin! LOL

So it was nice to see her again after almost five or six months.

We ambled over to eat at Amangela’s, took a stroll to gaze at the trout, hiked along the edge of Grout Bay, and had time to take a tourist snap at the triangle.

I’ve been notoriously slow this week and it has been hard to get much done.

However, I have noticed a few odd things…like the senseless census.

Above: Census form left on the door of the Buddhist Meditation Center

Imagine my amusement when I spied a census form on the door of the Buddhist Meditation Center.


I mean, does that look like a home dwelling?


Now I’ve been snooping around during this whole project and noticed today that about every other house on one side of the street was done.

A week or so ago, all the houses on the opposite side had been done–meaning forms left on the doors.

Seems silly to do one side and then wait to come back to do the other side.

But that isn’t the half of it.

The census people have to submit their forms IN PERSON on a daily basis.

Again, they have to drive over to the crew leader’s place and back again.

I ranted about this before but now time and mileage when they should be able to do it online–and you wonder why the government has such a deficit?!

grout bay in fawnskin

Above: View of Grout Bay

I enjoyed ambling around town today and especially liked hiking out around the edge of Grout Bay.

You have got to admit that we have a really beautiful environment here in Fawnskin.

Speaking of which, we got to meet Robert from County Code Enforcement today and chatted a bit while he was here.

It made me wonder about a few things such as why are the oxen and tire outside of the park…

oxen outside fawn park

Above: Oxen on the easement–with the new, better fitting cover that partially slipped off in the last storm!

But the big burning question on my mind today was, why did someone destroy the stackable washer and dryer?

Seriously, you have to wonder why, after months and months of sitting there, would someone do something stupid like that?

I mean we were waiting to see if the park owner would add it to his collection, right?

Or maybe it was going to be made into a new Fawnskin landmark!

Just think of all the possibilities that have been shattered through one, selfish, violent act!

Oh geez, things are going to hell here in our small town.

And imagine, in my distress, I totally forgot to check up on the sheep!

Until next time…

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