Fawnskin Frenzy

So, Fawnskin seems to be in a frenzy over recent activity over in Fawn Park.

Don’t get too excited–some people believe that the park is now open but I doubt it.

Personally, I think with all the anticipated media coverage from last weekend, it might have been a PR move.

A worker left the gates open and contractors have been busy–and just what they are building is not quite clear.

I should have some snaps for you later today.

The disturbing news is that two of the movie props have been reported as damaged.

The park owner’s pirate pal is flat on his back and rumors that another figure is missing have not been substantiated by me yet.

I was asked if I knew who kept pushing the oxen up on their noses but I have no personal knowledge of such activities.

As astute Fawnskin snoop said that someone had turned the oxen yoke upside down but I believe that it has been that way since the new wagon cover was installed.

In fact, I don’t really care about the oxen who happen to be out on the easement and not within the confines of the park–but how are the sheep?

In other non-news, this week I was finally able to amble into town and after a Skype conference call near Grout Creek, managed to dine on the deck with two of Fawnskin’s finest, Captain John Saunders and Mr. Jim Dooley.

It was a fine time in the sun despite the very cold breeze.

Grout Creek is still running and the infamous video will not render for upload for some reason. (Still working that out.)

Concern over where Shalee (did I spell that right?), who has not been seen for a while, should be alleviated when you learn that she is enrolled in a trade school down in Los Angeles County.

Other news?

Not really any.

Except that I hear that my neighbor now has a girlfriend.

Speaking of matchmaking…

Someone actually asked if I will be attending the singles group events (posted up at Amangela’s), to which I replied, “Do I seem like someone who would attend such events?”

In case you are wondering, the answer is, NO.

It doesn’t matter it someone is single or not, it matters if he (or she if you happen to be male) is appropriate.

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