Moon Camp Concerns

moon camp proposed development

Fawnskin folks have been discussing Moon Camp and many have major concerns regarding the proposed Moon Camp development.

Friends of Fawnskin and other concerned citizens are asking YOU to submit public comment letters to the county offices by June 4, 2010. (click here to view info on the Moon Camp project–just scroll down the page.)

Fawnskin residents are encouraged to write their own letters with any observations or information about the topic with as much detail as you feel appropriate.

FOF believes that every letter counts and urges you to please take the time to add your input to the county’s decision making process.

If you do write, here are some tips:

  • outline specific reasons and facts rather than opinion alone,
  • where feasible, make your point as a question (which they then must answer) rather than as a statement,
  • use separate bullet points so each one must be answered without being ignored,
  • use the subject line: Moon Camp 2010 DEIR

Send your letter to:

Attn: Matthew Slowik
County of San Bernardino
Advance Planning Division
Land Use Services Department
385 N. Arrowhead Ave., First Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0182

Send a copy of your letter to Supervisor Neil Derry:

Neil Derry, Supervisor Third District
County of San Bernardino
385 N. Arrowhead Ave., Fifth Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0110

Key Issues Moon Camp Proposed Development

Zoning Change

To allow this project, zoning must be changed from a rural classification (1 house per 40 acres) to 1 house per ½ acre. There is no valid reason for changing the zoning, since the County General Plan requires that zone changes be done only when there is sufficient infrastructure, when the change is in the best interest of the public and when it will not adversely affect surrounding property. There are already 1,076 buildable lots in Fawnskin, so creating 50 more is overkill.


Water: There are already insufficient water supplies in the Fawnskin system and DWP says that the supply cannot support any significant increase in the percentage of full-time residents. There are residents on wells nearby that could be severely impacted by the new wells on Moon Camp. The proposal currently has no clearly defined water service available and every option could end up costing current residents. No analysis has been done to show that this proposed project would not significantly impact cost or availability of water for current residents. (Describe any personal information/experiences and ask questions that concern you.)

Roads (traffic), Electricity, Police protection: The narrow highways here are overburdened.  Bear Valley Electric has already raised rates to pay for a new generator because valley electric supply is limited. The Sheriff’s Department resources are already stretched too thin to handle current needs and response times are often long.

There are many development projects already approved for the Valley, thousands of existing vacant lots that could be built out and many second homeowners that could become full time residents. (Describe any personal information/experiences about these areas and ask whatever questions concern you.)

Fire Hazard: With the inefficiency of recent evacuations, adding the possibility of more residents and visitors could be dangerous for all of us. More homes along the forest boundary increase the risk of wild fire. (Describe your experiences and ask questions that concern you.)

Biological Resources
The project would significantly impact the bald eagle as well as several other endangered species. Many trees would be cut and natural habitats lost to develop this project. The forest surroundings and wildlife path to the lake would be severely impacted. The bald eagle and forest surroundings bring many visitors to the valley who would not come when these resources are gone or degraded. (Comment on the importance of these to you. Ask questions about what proven mitigations would be done to eliminate these impacts.)


The North Shore of Big Bear Lake is unique and treasured by the entire valley for its beauty, lake views, scenic highway and forested character. We currently have dark skies without street lights and it is so quiet most visitors comment on it. County standards for urban areas cannot be used to evaluate the impact this project would have on these issues. (Comment on the importance of these to you and your information/experiences.)

There are also major issues with air quality, water quality (especially with two potential new marinas right next to each other), and cumulative impacts of all the development around the valley recently. (Include whatever comments in these or other areas seem appropriate and ask questions about anything that concerns you.)

Feel free to contact FOF at [email protected] or 909-878-3091 with any questions.

I won’t be posting on Monday but please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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