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MWD dumping ground for bear valley paving
Above: Construction at NS Tavern is leaving debris over on another parcel and MWD land.

So, lots of stuff is going on around town. Once again, despite the economic concerns, property movement stagnation, and other challenges–area development is of concern.

It is unclear if the lot next to NS Tavern has been sold but grass is being put in as I write after a long period of noisy construction work. (It looks very nice BTW with trees lining the side road.)

What is clear is that the debris–including broken cement, logs, wood, rocks, and dirt is being spread on an adjacent parcel and MWD land.

In addition to the environmental concerns, it is also forming a barrier to flood runoff drainage into Grout Bay.

Last winter the non-maintained road flooded and this recent activity could worsen the situation next winter.

A Moon Camp development meeting is scheduled for this Sunday,  May 16, 2010  2:00pm at the Discovery Center.

You can read about Moon Camp’s history here.

From Friends of Fawnskin: The proposed Moon Camp project lies just east of Canyon Road. It was originally proposed as a project of 92 lots, on both sides of North Shore Drive, and as a walled and gated community. Friends of Fawnskin and other concerned citizens vigorously opposed such a massive development and a revised, but still dense, project is now seeking County approval. The revised project calls for 50 lots, all on the north side of North Shore Drive, and a relocated marina of approximately 55 slips. It is unclear what the impact of this project would be, which is part of the reason there will be an environmental impact report (EIR).

Today there will be blasting over in the Big Bear bridge construction area for rock excavation area around Noon.

The weekend town clean up this Saturday is a joint effort by the North Shore Improvement Association and the Chamber of Commerce which happens to coincide and piggy-back on the dumpster day clean-up project by Fawnskin realtor, Candy Hallstead. Candy generously arranges for dumpsters to be brought into town to help local residents get their places cleaned up without having to head over to the dump.

Both the clean-up and dumpster action start this Saturday at 9:00am. Dumpster peeps head behind Fawn Lodge, clean-up crew meet at the bridge.

Fawnskin peeps showed up in force for the Habitat for Humanity fundraiser at Sonora Cantina on Monday–thanks to everyone who turned out to support the effort.

The 28th annual Jim Hall Memorial Trout Classic is this weekend, May 15-16, 2010 and so town should be a bit busy. For more information on the Jim Hall Memorial Trout Classic call Jacque Hall at (909) 585-4007.

Cinder Sins still not forgiven…the county was in town this week sweeping all the cinders off the streets onto private property so that the owners are now responsible–nice.

Someone swept up a lot of the cinders off the bridge walk ways onto the path but the cinders are as deep as ever around these parts.

Apparently some of Fawnskin’s finest head over to talk to the supervisors annually without any luck.

Perhaps it is time to have someone brought a case against an agency or two for the injuries caused by the cinders and maybe then they will take action when asked to clear the suckers.

At least two Fawnskin residents have told me that they broke their ankles on the cinders and had to have pins put in.

Over on the Rim, I know of one car that went over the side due to cinders and over in BBC one Fawnskin resident’s truck was totalled when it flipped after slipping on cinders.

I’ve done a bit of poking around and have not found any liablity statements or test cases but perhaps one of you lawyer types reading this can help me out on unearthing that info.

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2 Responses to “Moon Camp & Other Fawnskin Stuff

  • 1
    Laurie Davis
    July 28th, 2010 23:53

    Not really a reply, but my sister and I own an undeveloped lot in Fawnskin which has been in our family for decades. I don’t even know what the street address is; all I have is a lot number and I haven’t visited in years. I recently got a notice about weed abatement and want to be a good neighbor, too, but don’t know who to call. Could anybody there recommend a good, reasonable person/company that I could contact to take care of this? I think all the trees have already been removed; it is just brush at this point … but I’m not sure.
    Thank you for your help. – Laurie Davis

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    August 3rd, 2010 08:21

    You’d have to post some additional info. I know of someone who might be able to help but have to ask.