Musings & Memorial Day in Fawnskin

memorial day in fawnskin

Eesh, I’ve been in a time warp this month and can’t belief that Memorial Day is this weekend!

Many people consider this the start of summer but many merchants in the valley now argue that it is actually July when that happens.

When I grew up, schools had the entire summer off which allowed vacation travel and long lazy days at the beach along with BBQs and other gatherings.

Today, this has changed with year ’round school and the business of making ends meet which keeps both parents busy working.

Here in Fawnskin, Moose Lodge 2085 has an annual Saturday BBQ that is open to the public and that is usually a fun filled afternoon with great food and social interludes with neighbors and other folks that make it to our little mountain lake resort town.

The lodge has decorated their porch with some nice patriotic banners–in case you have not noticed.

Over in the privately owned (and still closed) Fawn Park, there has been more construction.

Locals are placing bets as to who will be right about just what year the park will be so full of crap stuff that there won’t be any room to move around.

Oh, wait, this isn’t an issue because nobody is allowed in it but the park owner and the workers!


This year I don’t have anything planned for the weekend but wonder if you do.

When someone asked me if I was excited about the Moonridge Zoo relocation news, I told them I was concerned over the fact that the land is in a flood zone.

Anyone who has lived here for a while knows that but it just hit the news.

Anyway, speaking of the zoo, this Sunday from 10am until 3pm is the Country Bear Fair at the Moonridge Zoo where you can enjoy family activities such as face painting, jewelry making, bear toss, and bear roaring contest.

There will also be a pie eating contest between the three black bears to see who eats their pie the fastest. Call (909) 878-4200 for more information.

After the Country Fair there will be a fund-raiser for the zoo at the Big Bear Convention Center with the Doo-Wah Riders. Funds will help build a new wolf enclosure. (Things that make you go, hmm. Aren’t they moving?)

Anyway, if you have anything entertaining to share or an activity you think needs plugging for the weekend, leave yer comment below.

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