RIP Sister Annette Petty

Above: Sister Annette Petty in the Fawnskin Post Office Garden (2008).

Fawnskin’s Sister Annette Petty passed away peacefully this week in Mount Carmel, Dubuque, Iowa.

She was a very active and well loved Fawnskin resident who was always working on something–like helping others clear berms, getting a pantry together for those in need and always volunteering for something.

Sister Annette came back from the pickle ball tournament in 2006 with a gold medal but retired from her Olympic feats in 2007.

She was involved in so many different activities at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Fawnskin, the Discovery Center, and the Fire Lookout.

Her smiling face and happy, strong spirit will be missed.

A memorial mass for Sr. Annette Petty is scheduled to take place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Friday, May 14, 2010 at 4 pm.

Photos of Sister Annette Petty courtesy of correspondent Rick who had this to say,

We loved her greatly for her spirit, her giving heart and all those little┬áidiosyncrasies that made her unique. Funny, but today in our small part of world here on the mountain top, the sun doesn’t seem to be shining as brightly, the sky isn’t as blue, and the water on the lake has lost its gleam for now.

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