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crowd at Amangela's on their third year anniversary in business in Fawnskin
Above: Some of the crowd at Amangela’s for their 3rd Anniversary

So I had a fire going most of the day yesterday, the air had a cold chill to it.

Plus, I almost had a house fire…not the good kind.


I thought the smoke was from the fireplace and opened the door and windows.

Those nasty smoke alarms don’t tell you where the smoke is coming from but make that nice noise that you can’t miss.

I usually do stew in a crockpot but happened to put on a pot on the stove.

The lid was super hot and I had moved it with a potholder off to the side of the stove but I did not pull the pot holder off.

Last time I will do that.

It was so hot that the pot holder started to smolder and it luckily did not ignite but filled part of the house with smoke.

Hate when that happens.

Do you know how hard it is to get that smoke smell to subside?

Also, I am taking a beating from one firefighting buddy on Facebook and then there is the fact that I don’t want either of my brothers chiming in since they are both firemen–on is a battalion chief.


But I have lots of angels and so all is well. Except I am down to one decent pot holder–so if you missed my birthday you can send me a couple.

Then there is the weather.

Just a couple of days ago I traveled to the village wearing three layers of clothing and found I should have worn four–and my hat.

Then today I ambled down to town and found I was too hot with just a shirt and sweatshirt on…but it is colder inside than out as I sit here at Amangela’s.

I said something about this weather change and was immediately met with wisecracks about it.

One thing for sure about Fawnskin, everyone has an opinion and nobody is afraid of sharing it!


For the record, I was not complaining–just commenting.

One of the great things about today is that Grout Creek is rushing wildly.

Fortunately for you, a buddy gave me an inside tip with some new software so I am hoping to get that video up and going after talking about it again and again.

In case you were wondering, (I did not see you there!) Amangela’s had a great turnout for the entire weekend and you should drop by and say “Congratulations on your third year anniversary.”

Job well done gals…

I missed the memorial service for Steve Powell at Moose Lodge 2085 but heard there was a good turnout. I didn’t really know him but he was a long time Moose Lodge member and Fawnskin resident and will be missed.

Candy Hallstead tells me that she is planning the annual Fawnskin Clean Up Day on Saturday, May 15th, from 9:00am until 3:00pm just prior to the Amgen bike event.

If you have never participated, it is a time when you can drag your stuff down to some giant empty dumpsters she gets hauled into town to help all the residents out and then has the full ones hauled back out.

You just gotta love a local real estate agent who really cares about their town.

So, yes it is spring cleaning time!

I actually started a little bit yesterday and have a large pile to sort through…

two fawnskin favorites
Above: Two of my Fawnskin favorites at the Wat Dhammasujitto Meditation Center–Suvee and Pia!

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2 Responses to “Weather Wisecracks & Other Stuff

  • 1
    Carol Weaver
    May 4th, 2010 08:45

    Great band at Amangela’s . John and I stayed 2 hours.

    FYI – Be acreful walking near Brookside at Lodge. Lots of cinders as you come down Lodge making a right onto Brookside. I fell flat on my a–, but, fortunately only got a scratch or two. Yesterday I noticed a lot of cinders on Bruin.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    May 4th, 2010 12:41

    Thanks Carol, glad you enjoyed the music. I was there earlier.