Wild Sex in Fawnskin

Above: Musical rendition 1928 Cole Porter song by Paul Whiteman orchestra.

Betcha just rushed over here to see what was up.

Contrary to popular belief, I did not hook up with my Fawnskin heart throb–sorry to disappoint you all, besides he isn’t full-time any more.

BUT there is a lot of wild sex happening here in Fawnskin.

If you live here you know all about it.

First, there are the carp.

The shameless piscine congregate in the shallows along the edge of Grout Bay in a group display that can only be described as an orgy.

Then there are the trout–they are a little more discrete this year as they are hanging down stream away from the falls in the murky, slow moving water.

These beauties might hang out together but they only hook up with one or two of their kind.

Unlike the frolicking fish, the avian clan create more atmosphere. The birdsĀ  are singing their hearts out as they select mates and find a nest box (or build a nest) to rear their broods.

I miss a lot of my avian buddies this year since we had the three main nesting trees taken down due to bark beetle issues last year.

I really notice the difference.

My favorite singers are the Robins…but everyone is making a ruckus as they attract their new partners.

The barn swallows just arrived and are flitting around happily as they build their nests and create havoc in some of the surrounding businesses who, despite all their efforts, never manage to thwart them.

In the meantime, my lilacs are budding and my daffodils are striving to bloom in between those amazing spring snow storms.

So, pretty much everyone is celebrating spring.

When I mentioned how I kept getting “hit” on by single men, my friend put me in my place by saying, “Oh, it is just spring…”

Thanks, that really makes a gal feel special.

BTW speaking of sex and the repercussions of unprotected antics–this weekend is Mother’s Day.

Celebrate Sunday at Moose Lodge 2085 when the men are buying the breakfast of all the moms who are WOTM (Women of the Moose).

Don’t miss the brunch at North Shore Tavern either.

Have a great time celebrating all those mothers…


Couldn’t resist…I mean it in the most affectionate aspect.

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