Another Monday in Fawnskin

squirrel tail in Fawnskin

Above: All that is left of a squirrel in Fawnskin

So, I am a little late getting to this post but I do have things I do for a living.

Some people are under the illusion that I get paid for this-I don’t-which is why there is a tip link to your right and advertising opportunities.

Which, so far at least, pay for the fees of hosting and registering this domain.

Some locals want me to start charging but I’d rather people support it on their own until I decide to do something different

Now to the not necessarily news around these parts.

I didn’t attend the Town Hall Meeting nor did anyone I have talked to so far.

So, if you want to share anything–send it over.

Fawnskin was bustling this weekend with lots of music.

Which can be good and bad.

Good because people are having fun, bad when it reverberates loudly through your home.

Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina had something going on and DOVES held a fundraiser at the NS Tavern –which was not very well advertised and so the crowd was disappointingly light in my eyes.

Which was a shame because they had great music, horse drawn wagon rides, food, and other things to offer.

As far as I know, nothing was ever posted at the Fawnskin Post Office.

I’ve encouraged the NS Tavern to do a mailing to locals–but seldom do people let me boss them these days.

However, I really believe that when the locals are the last to know, there is a problem!

TheĀ Ride the Mountain Motorcycle Show, Concert and Poker Run was also this weekend with stop number five at the NS Tavern.

Fortunately, the noise levels were not as bad as some years past.

Just Ducky

Me, I occupied myself down at Grout Creek where I spent about 20 minutes watching mama duck and the ducklings.

The ducklings that have become adolescents.


At first I though she lost three to a predator but then notice the three delinquents up under the last waterfalls further up on Grout Creek.

They were having a great time on their own–diving, charging through the falls, and then scrambling creekside to play in the mud and algae in the food foraging mode.

Mama duck was concerned but also seemed to take it in stride.

Personally, I got a good laugh as she began moving off and then suddenly the three delinquents discovered that she was too far away.

They would panic, run and swim as fast as they could to catch up but then would swim past her to their next adventure–and then do the same stupid thing again.

I could hear their panicked cries.

The family eventually ambled up to behind Amangela’s to forage in the bushes.

Alas, I had not taken my camera and when I did, there were too many loud tourists by the creek so that no wildlife could be seen anywhere.

Why is it that people have to be so loud?

Perhaps that is why I prefer taking weekdays off when it is more peaceful and less congested around these parts.

Dog Gone It!

One of dog man’s pack got hit by a car last night.

Word is that Sheera was okay but I hope that she got a good going over to make sure nothing was broken–a vet trip would be ideal but maybe that is expecting too much.

Locals are pissed off for several reasons.

The main irritant is that the reason she got hit in the first place was because she is never confined.

Yes, there is now a yard with a gate but the “be free” attitude is rampant around the valley and these dogs, and others around the Big Bear area, are allowed to run loose without any consequences.

Dog man has been fined at least a dozen times. Does no good.

This is hard on everyone because we all love the dogs but hate the issues that come up when they are not properly schooled or housed.

There isn’t just the risk to the animal but also wildlife harassment, disease transmission, parasite issues, and dog attacks or dog bites–not to mention litters of pups that come from unaltered animals hooking up.

They were all supposed to head down the hill yesterday–so not sure if I will have any updates for you because of that.

Fawnskin Fame?

In other news, time to vote for one of your favorite Fawnskin peeps to be on Oprah.

I wrote a little bit about this before, if you are on the email list, you already got the notice but for those of you who didn’t–just click here to watch the Armchair Safari Video Audition over the the Oprah Winfrey Network.

You don’t need an account to vote–just click the green button under the video to the left.

You can vote every day!

So tell a friend ‘cuz we need more famous people around these parts and I need something to pay for my blogging.

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  • 1
    June 21st, 2010 15:59

    Poor little squirrel. I have decided to give it a name. Forever more it shall be called “Dinner”