Party Boats & Other Fawnskin Stuff

party boats out in Grout Bay in Fawnskin

Above: Party Boats–DOVES Fundraiser

In case you were wondering what all the noise was about earlier in the week, DOVES (Domestic Violence Education & Services) held a Champange & Jazz event out on the lake June 13th.

They were supposed to end up at the dam but somehow didn’t make it out there and instead found a place over here in Grout Bay.

Mike Cross volunteered his time and  both Captain John’s Fawn Harbor and Big Bear Marina donated a few boats as well.

The gang looked (and sounded) like they had a great time.

Now DOVES is a great program and they recently opened a new thrift store over on the other side of the lake called the DOVES Nest: Second Chance Thrift Boutique (304 W Big Bear Blvd in Big Bear City).

BUT I have to call the NS Tavern out on their poor choice of advertising their event for the group on June 18th from 3pm-8pm.

They are calling it the Fawnskin Festival which is going to piss off a lot of Fawnskin residents (see the flyer here) and perhaps even the local groups that put on the annual event thrown here in Fawnskin later in the summer.

The real Fawnskin Festival has been held in conjunction with the Doo Dah Parade since 2002.

Perhaps I missed something and they are hosting the “official” festival?

Way to keep more locals out of your establishment guys!

This morning it is noisy (someone is running heavy equipment yet again) and very windy.

I hate that the noise levels have continually increased over time–used to be quiet over here. Today, I get less noise across town where my neighbors live.

Yesterday we filmed some of the Dogs of Fawnskin as part of a segment audition for OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network) and we are going to need your votes.

I’ll post the links once the video is done–and you can vote every day, email your friends to vote, and any other creative ideas you might come up with.

Now, I noticed that Fire Station 49 has now been labeled as Fire Station 96–what is up with that?

How do you change a station’s designation after years and years?

Someone please share the scoop!

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