Post Holiday in Fawnskin

Above: Snow damage and other stuff in Fawn Park.

Speculation that Fawn Park is open is still speculation.

The gates in the front are open but the “Sorry Park Closed Today” signs are still up at the back entry.

So, I went in to investigate just what was going on snoop.

There was a lot of snow damage to the movie props and the CHP guy is missing–just a platform stands where he once was.

The pirate broke off at the base and is prone.

That ol’ Indian chief is also cracked around the base.

Now the sheep have moved slightly–but it looks like kids tried to sit on them and the back legs are broken on a couple.

New signs are up–not sure what they say but I’ll be out snapping again soon.

I didn’t venture out into Fawnskin during the entire weekend–although my friends did pick me up to take me to the desert in efforts to get my energy up and get me out of the house.

I’ve got to say that the hot weather was a welcomed change and if you happen to need company on your way to the Desert Hot Springs Spa–just swing by and pick me up!

Most locals are happy for the weather change and I am one of them.

Also very happy that my pear tree and apple trees did not loose all their blossoms during the snow–some remained intact which means there should be fruit later in the year but I am disturbed at how early they blossomed.

The bugs are back–which I have mixed feelings about.

My lilacs are striving to bloom, the daffodils and tulips still have not but my aspen finally moved past the bud stage.

Although some areas of the valley (and Fawnskin) have growth and it is like spring has sprung, here the place is a little behind the rest of the area.

I am thinking that it could be because of the cold wind that blows from off Grout Bay.

Brrr, Brrr, Brrr!

Anyway, my watering system outside is working and on the timer so things are moving forward.

Down the road we had some big excitement.

In case you didn’t notice, the cops showed up in force yesterday but I don’t know exactly why–yet.

Now post holiday, residents are once again annoyed at all the trash left behind by the vacation crowds.

It makes no sense to us that people come to enjoy the pristine beauty of the outdoors and then litter and leave a bunch of crap behind.

Crews and individuals (ie., Captain John and Jim Dooley) were out early to clear and clean prior to the Amgen Tour of California.

Normally this project takes place after the holiday so the vacation trash is removed in one swoop through town.

It is frustrating.

Finally, in critter land the squirrels have been scarce in some areas of Fawnskin.

I noticed a few that were acting abnormal a few weeks back but neighbors in some areas of town report that they are totally missing. I found remains in the garden–not something normal since predators usually clear them out.

Now I’ve noticed that they tend to move off a bit if a large predator enters the area but the coyotes do too–and they are still busy and active.

I am wondering if there is another reason–like some illness. So I put a call into the local forestry office but Robin is out sick.

In upper Fawnskin I hear the squirrels are out and active so just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything different in their neck of the woods–so to speak.

If you know the scoop on the sheriff activity or the squirrels–let me know in the comments.

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